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The American Homefront Project is reporting on military life and veterans issues. We're visiting bases to chronicle how American troops are working and living. We're meeting military families. We're talking with veterans -- in their homes, on their jobs, at school, at VA hospitals -- to learn about the challenges they face.

Support for the American Homefront Project comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as part of CPB's ongoing effort to expand coverage of local, regional, and national issues. Additional support comes from our partner public radio stations -- North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC, Southern California Public Radio-KPCC, Texas Public Radio, KPBS-San Diego, WUSF-Tampa, and North Country Public Radio.



Caption: Tony Sholar of the Marine Corps stands in the abandoned headquarters of a Marine unit at Camp Lejeune. The building was damaged in Hurricane Florence, and rainwater still pours through damaged roof., Credit: Jay Price / American Homefront
The Marine Corps says Camp Lejeune, N.C. needs $3.6 billion in repairs, as scientists warn climate change will lead to more big storms and affect m...

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Caption: An encampment that served as a hub for Army and Border Patrol activity now sits vacant near the Donna Rio Bravo International Bridge. It was cleared out in late December., Credit: Reynaldo Leaños, Jr. / American Homefront
Thousands of troops who were deployed to the border in the fall have left, but the Trump Administration may call for a second deployment of thousan...

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Caption: Chef Ellen Adams (right), an Air Force veteran, helps fellow veteran Linda Costello coat apples in chocolate., Credit: Sarah Harris/American Homefront
A cooking program in upstate New York helps veterans find camaraderie in the kitchen.

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Caption: 76 year old Army veteran Robert Neilson writes notes of encouragement to fellow veterans who have contemplated suicide. He's struggled with mental health issues since he left the Army in the 1960s., Credit: Matt Bowler / KPBS
Veterans are about twice as likely as non-veterans to die by suicide. But the majority of those suicides are among veterans aged 55 or older -- who...

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Caption: At a medical foster home near San Antonio, caregiver Tiffany Graves (left) sets out art supplies for Rose Witherspoon, a World War II veteran., Credit: Carson Frame/American Homefront
For thousands of elderly veterans, long term care means living in a nursing home or institutional care setting. But some have found a much homier o...

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Caption: A citrus worker in Plymouth, Fla. grades oranges in this 1942 photo., Credit: Florida Citrus Exchange, McKay Archives, Florida Southern College
An effort to prevent scurvy in U.S. troops led to the growth of the orange juice industry, popularizing what had been a relatively obscure beverage.

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Caption: Veterans sign the movie poster for "Black Hawk Down: The Untold Story" at an October screening at Fort Drum, N.Y., Credit: Mike Strasser / U.S. Army
The 2001 Hollywood blockbuster movie "Black Hawk Down" portrayed the story of the Battle of Mogadishu. Now, a new documentary hopes to change the n...

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Caption: A military vehicle enters an encampment in Donna, Texas, just inside the U.S. border with Mexico., Credit:  Carson Frame / American Homefront
Active-duty troops are now at the U.S. border with Mexico, two weeks after President Trump ordered the deployment in response to a large group of m...

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Caption: The Holcombe family, which lost nine members in the Sutherland Springs shooting, has filed a wrongful death claim against the Air Force., Credit:  Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio
Before Devin Kelley killed 26 people at a Texas church, the Air Force failed to enter his criminal history into the FBI's background check system. ...

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Caption: Kristin Backlund, whose husband is an Air Force ROTC instructor, holds her Alaska absentee ballot. She says obtaining and completing it was a complicated process., Credit: Sarah Harris/American Homefront
A new study suggests military spouses vote much less than servicemembers, and they may not be getting the help they need to cast their votes.

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