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This Instant Productions is a collaboration between producers Vanessa Lowe and Megan Jones for "Shake it - a modern Polaroid love story."

Can you hear it? Click, whir, wait, shake - ahhhh!  Taking a Polaroid picture is a totally sensory experience. But it is more than just the sensation of a snapshot; there is something special and social about seeing, giving & receiving that white-framed photo that feels intimate and real. What is it about that white-framed, square pic that survives in our digital lives (hello, Instagram)?  Why has the Polaroid design so clearly marked current digital photography apps and photography memes? 

This nostalgic devotion is simply amazing – and we take a look at these human and visual connections to instant photography in “Shake It", an hour-long public radio documentary with online storytelling companion project at Cowbird.

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Cowbird Polaroid Love Story Project



Caption: Shake it!, Credit: Oz Lang
A tender look at two modern photo technologies - Polaroid and digital photography - and the human and visual connections we make with them.

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  • Added: Apr 18, 2014
  • Length: 59:00
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