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James Brown is one of the most recognizance and important figures in modern music during our lifetime. During this program we will explore some of ...

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Caption: James Brown (1960s)
During the 1960s James Brown was known as Soul Brother #1. This was a title that no one else in Soul music, R& or Pop would or could claim. This p...

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This one hour program takes a look at the best of the African American Country music artists both present and past. The program features Grand Ole ...

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This is a BLUES Christmas party. Begin this year's holiday with some of the best Blues holiday classics of all time.

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SLY STONE (Sylvester Stewart) is Rock, he is Funk and he is Soul. He is the one benchmark that all of the other bands and musicians mimic when they...

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One hour of Halloween fun with R&B and Soul classics that you will enjoy. Your host is IGOR - the Music Monster!


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"BACK TO MIAMI" Is a return back to a place that brought you great hits like "I Get Lifted", "Rocking Chair", "Rock You Baby", "Keep It Comin' Love...

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Memphis like New Orleans is know for good food, rich history and music. It also is the home of some of the greatest soul music in American history....

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Legendary musicians from New Orleans are featured in this program doing what they do best. This program contains the best of the New Orleans sound ...

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Its "Hot Fun In The Summetime" when you air this show. During this summer break, It summer madness with Sly Stone, Kool & the Gang, James Brown, WA...

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Caption: Valaida Snow
This one hour program highlights some of the greatest and obscure female jazz musicians of all time. These great ladies are masters of the harp, vi...

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Willie Mae "BIG MAMMA" THORNTON was a Blues singer, musician and songwriter. She had a short life and is best known for the songs "Hound Dog" and "...

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Caption: Eddie Harris, Credit: Atlantic Records
EDDIE HARRIS was an jazz musician, best known for playing tenor saxophone and for introducing the electrically amplified saxophone. He was also flu...

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This is a special musical tribute to Eunice Kathleen Waymon, known as the great NINA SIMONE. This special contains some of her biggest hits.

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Caption: King Curtis
This is a one hour musical program on the legacy of saxophonist KING CURTIS.

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Caption: Joe Tex "The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)" 1966 45 rpm picture sleeve, Credit: Atlantic Records
Joseph Arrington, Jr. better known as "JOE TEX", was one of the greatest soul singers in history. His style was different from a James Brown, a Wil...

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Caption: 1995 32 cents Commemorative stamp, Credit: U.S. Postal Stamps
CHARLIE PARKER was one of the most influential improvising soloists in JAZZ, and a central figure in the development of BOP in the 1940s. A legenda...

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Caption: New Orleans Christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Crescent City, NEW ORLEANS! Today, we will serve gumbo Christmas rhythms mixed with Jazz, R&B, Blues an...

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Caption: A Doo-wop Christmas, Credit:
This is a one hour Christmas music show featuring classics from the 1950's and the 1960's. The program is divided into three sets to allow space fo...

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Caption: Ti-Roro, Master drummer from Haiti
THE TALKING DRUM, is a program which samples the rhythms of the descendants of African slaves brought to the new world of South America and the Car...

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