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Nice Jazz, R&B and Pop music to make Mothers day a wonderful day for your listening audience.

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An Hour of Jazz (Latin Jazz Percussion) is an enjoyable program for all listeners of all ages. It will keep your toes tapping.

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An Hour of Jazz (Duke Ellington) is a short history and a musical dedication to Jazz legend Duke Ellington.

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"An Hour of Jazz (John Coltrane & Friends)" is a musical program featuring saxophonist JOHN COLTRANE collaborating with other legendary JAZZ musici...

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This show contains one hour of Miles Davis music. This is some of the best of Miles Davis with some of the greatest sidemen in history John Coltra...

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An Hour of Jazz (John Coltrane) is exactly what the title suggests. It is one hour of classic Jazz recordings by the legendary John Coltrane. This ...

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The great B.B. King passed away on May 14, 2015. He was one of the greatest Blues entertainers of all time. B.B. King’s recording career began in 1...

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This is a musical tribute show that gives homage to greats like: Marian Anderson, Odetta, Miriam Makeba, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Mavis Staples, Ni...

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Make my FUNK the P-Funk! Out of this P-Funk universe came the characters of Sir Nose, Star Child,The Lollypop Man (alias the Long Haired Sucker), U...

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Nursing The Blues! The Story of Alberta Hunter is an introduction and a presentation of the musical life of Jazz and Blues singer ALBERTA HUNTER. S...

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Caption: Mardi Gras in New Orleans 1, Credit: Mardi Gras Records
It's MARDI GRAS time! You don't have to be in New Orleans for MARDI GRAS. Just tune in to this show: "AT THE MARDI GRAS" and you will be dancing Tr...

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SPY MUSIC for the music lover. That is what this show is all about. It is a one hour program containing three segments. Your mission is to listen t...

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JAZZ music has always been apart of movie soundtracks from the very beginning. One of the first movie soundtracks that featured Jazz music was the ...

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"Jazz on Broadway and Television" is a one hour program containing Jazz interpretations of on Broadway and off Broadway show tunes plus Television ...

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This one hour music program contains covers and originals of some of the best known Jazz themes for cartoon show on television and in the movies. W...

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Zap! Pow! Blam! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? This one hour program is a fun listen to show with superhero inspired recordings and themes by Jazz,...

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This year lets have a FUNKY FUNKY Christmas. You can deck the halls, have a sleight ride with The Jackson 5, James brown, Bootsy Collins and others...

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Start this holiday with a SMOOTH JAZZ holiday. Enjoy 12 Smooth Jazz Christmas / Holiday classics on "A Smoother Jazz Christmas".

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Have a happy and Jazzy holiday this season with A JAZZ TIME CHRISTMAS. This show includes only the best Christmastime Jazz classics and recordings ...

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She was called "The First Lady of the Piano", "The First Lady of the Jazz Piano" and "The First Lady of Jazz". She was Mary Lou Williams and was a ...

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