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Music specials producer Paul Ingles presents the best from his years of documentaries, appreciation programs, tributes, interviews, theme shows and fun music mixes. Each week something special. "Paul Ingles makes uniquely good stuff!" ~ John Barth/PRX "His obvious love for music and musicians makes listening a pleasure." ~ Brodie Cates/KGLT "I never hesitate to air his work; Listener response? Gratitude." ~ Viki Merrick/WCAI-WNAN

Caption: Bonnie Raitt with show host Paul Ingles
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Extended interviews with musicians, music writers and music documentary filmmakers from Paul Ingles' archive.

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Music Documentarian Paul Ingles hosts a weekly mix of music from his multi-genre personal collection. Rock, folk, blues, Americana, classic soul, R+B, and jazz standards. Mostly album tracks and stuff you only get from public radio. The first 52 shows in the series are FREE TO STATIONS for a limited time so you can try them out with your audience.

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Reporters ask people "If YOUR life was a TV Newscast, what would be your top story RIGHT NOW?" The result is a refreshing montage of what REALLY are the stories people in a given community care about the most.

Caption: Judy Collins
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In each of three special hours, folk-singing legend Judy Collins guides listeners through a tour around the country to hear from artists who are performing songs to mark the holiday season. Many tell the stories of the songs they've written or chosen to sing.