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Caption: Mr. Hoots is a Eurasian eagle owl, and one of Rodney Stotts' favorite raptors., Credit: Ari Daniel
Rodney grew up selling dope and guns. But he's always loved caring for birds. The drugs landed him in jail. The birds helped set him free.

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Caption: Tim and Tanya Chartier present a classic mime stance in Central Park, NYC., Credit: Ari Daniel
Tim Chartier has found a way to fuse his two great loves: math and mime. (It's a fusion that's almost as unlikely as wanting to do a radio story a...

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Caption: These creatures are the stars of this podcast episode and of the sea. Credit:  Lend an ear and discover the wonders of nature—right outside your back door and halfway around the world. Check out the podcast "One Species at a Time."  , Credit:
Guess what kind of organism this is: There are billions of them in every bucket of the salty sea, some of them glow, and some are responsible for k...

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Caption: The Antarctica locals.
The temperature in Antarctica is rising, and Hugh Ducklow is watching an entire ecosystem change before his eyes. What happens if the ice just keep...

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Caption: Offshore wind farm, Denmark.
A lot of people are talking about capturing the wind’s energy. But Jim Miller’s pointed his ears underwater, and it turns out that harnessing the w...

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Caption: Wetlab company members encircle the 'moonpool' on the aft deck of the Pontoon Boat of Science where they suspend and test their instruments. L to R: Corey Koch, Ron Zaneveld, Alex Derr and Ian Walsh.  One big challenge of making sensors that stay in the o
Pour light into liquid, keep a detector at the ready, and what do you get? Opportunities to keep constant track of the chemical and biological brew...

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Caption: An Autosub keeps track of all kinds of features in the ocean, and Gwyn Griffiths oversees their design and science.
Autosubs look like giant yellow torpedoes. They cruise the ocean silently. But they’re watching, listening, probing, and measuring everything as th...

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Caption: Debbie Steinberg studies Antarctic zooplankton - the tiny drifting animals of the sea.
Climate change is impacting even one of the most remote places on Earth: Antarctica. Krill numbers are down, salp numbers are way up, and the entir...

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Twenty years ago, an environmental disaster rocked Prince William Sound in Alaska. Today, a team assembled from science, government and beyond is t...

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Caption: The star of the show is RU27, the underwater glider that's cruising from New Jersey to Spain.
Rutgers University students are piloting one tiny, yellow, torpedo-shaped glider across the Atlantic Ocean from New Jersey to Spain. The journey is...

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Caption: The viz wall at MIT, a programmable canvas used to examine large images and movies of the Earth. , Credit: Mick Follows.
Sometimes understanding the vastness of the ocean means understanding the wee strands of DNA packed into the tiniest of cells, and how that DNA giv...

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Caption: One of three vessels involved with the Sound Predictions project, the Auklet arrives on station to sample the temperature and salinity of Prince William Sound. Credit: Ian Robbins.  Snapshot of sea surface temperature simulated by the model discussed in t, Credit: Ian Robbins.
Predicting how an entire body of water circulates is no easy task. To do it in Prince William Sound up in Alaska, it took 3 ships, teams deployed i...

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Caption: Kate Larkin and Richard Lampitt (lower left) teamed up with a crew in 2007 to study the Porcupine Abyssal Plain in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. , Credit: Kate Larkin.
When the tiniest of particles settle onto the deepest of ocean bottoms, they can have the biggest of influences. Fisheries collapse. Tsunamis. Ecos...

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Caption: Marine habitats are an untapped resource for the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, as this schematic illustrates. Credit: OOI Regional Scale Nodes Program, University of Washington.
Ocean observatories are radically changing not only the way scientists do their science, but also how they interact with one another and the wider ...

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Caption: Halsey Burgund playing an electronic mallet instrument with his band, Aesthetic Evidence, at the 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival. Credit: Michael Duncan.  Screenshot from Visit the website, and record your story about the ocean! , Credit: Halsey Burgund.
Recording voices and composing music around those voices is one of Halsey Burgund’s specialties. And he’s got a new project where he’s collecting s...

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Caption: Archaeological oceanography is the study of ancient human history now resting in the deep sea. , Credit: Inner Space Center.
The Inner Space Center makes visiting the bottom of the ocean easier than going to the store. And by using some of the newest technology available,...

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Caption: Salinity map of the Pacific Ocean with saltier (orange) and less salty (blue) water depicted. Credit: WOCE Atlas Volume 2.  Infrared Antarctic composite image showing cloud cover with land outlines. Credit: Antarctic Meteorological Research Center.  Lynne, Credit: WOCE Atlas Volume 2.
The Antarctic Circumpolar Current courses through the Southern hemisphere, cooling down and getting heavier all the while. And for the first time, ...

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Caption: The global biosphere is a map of chlorophyll on land and in the ocean., Credit: SeaWiFS Project/NASA.
What color would you paint the oceans on our planet? Blue? Try green. At least that’s what a NASA satellite 450 miles above our heads is telling us...

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Caption: Right whale mother and calf. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.  Biodiversity encompasses the variety of life and the variation of genes. It's also a central tenet of the Encyclopedia of Life. Credit: EOL.  The Encyclopedia of Life was born when biologist E.O. Wi, Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Playing female right whale calls into the water, researcher Susan Parks suddenly finds herself at the center of attention of a group of males.

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Caption: The team at Southern Maine Community College assembles drifters that either float at the surface or hang about 5-10 meters beneath it, and they get pushed along by the currents. , Credit: Tom Long.
Little floats with GPS units are coursing all over the eastern seaboard, and they’re rousing community college students and lobstermen from bed at ...

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