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Caption: Two miles down the sea floor is a skull, / the wounded head of a monster - fractured, / faulted, ridged. -- Michael Collier  John Delaney finds poetic inspiration gazing at the ocean during his research cruises.  Poet Michael Collier aboard one of John De, Credit: Michael Collier
The ocean is teeming with life, chemistry, water masses, and – believe it or not – poetry. In our 50th and final (for now) episode of Ocean Gazing,...

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Caption: Bonnie McCay is an anthropologist, and she's spoken to fishermen about the collapsing clam fishery.  The Atlantic surf clam.  Clamming has been a livelihood for people for decades.  Sam Martin is the vice president of operations for Atlantic Capes Fisheri
Surf clamming has always been a hard business. But recently it’s gotten even harder, and the fishermen are bearing the brunt of the impact. All you...

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Caption: If you live in the USA, you release (on average) 122 pounds of CO2 into the air every day. And a good amount of that is entering our oceans.
We’re letting loose tons — literally — of carbon dioxide into our skies each day. And a good amount of that CO2 is finding its way into the ocean. ...

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Caption: Moorings are used to track the temperature and salinity of the water, the currents, how thick the ice is, and how much sunlight is getting through.  Slowly and steadily, the ice is melting.  Hajo Eicken from the University of Alaska Fairbanks studies how
In the Bering Sea, ice is everything. It controls the life, the people living there, and the climate. So what’s happening now that the thickness an...

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Caption: Gary and Barb Kirkpatrick at the Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, Florida., Credit: Lance Robson
Sometimes the ocean can be a threat to human health. Barb and Gary Kirkpatrick, a wife and husband scientist team, describe what they’re doing to n...

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Caption: Brunswick Acres Elementary School (Kendall Park, NJ) students Alec, Janani, Megha, Nikita, Pritha., Credit: J Benoff
Janice McDonnell and Jim Yoder describe the urgent need to translate ocean science into formal and informal educational opportunities across the co...

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Caption: Google Earth is one of the many tools Glenn and Schofield use in their classes and for their research., Credit: Google
Scott Glenn and Oscar Schofield have a passion for creating the next generation of ocean explorers. In this episode, they’ll share their deep commi...

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Caption: A glider about to begin its journey in the Atlantic Ocean from the Jersey shore., Credit: Coastal Ocean Observation Lab
Oscar Schofield and Scott Glenn pilot underwater robots all over the world, sampling the ocean half a world away and saving lives in the process, b...

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Caption: Huijie Xue smiles when her virtual ocean model matches what the real ocean is doing., Credit: Jim Campbell
Huijie Xue forecasts the underwater weather of the Gulf of Maine: its temperature, its salinity, and its currents. And a lot of people are tuning in.

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Caption: Cyberinfrastructure allows online access of underwater observations to anyone in the world in real time.
John Orcutt and Frank Vernon are wiring the ocean to the Internet. And their goal is to let anyone anywhere tap into the vast data stores.

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Caption: Kelly Benoit-Bird adjusting the sonar before beginning her experiment., Credit: Nick Kelsh
Kelly Benoit-Bird works on all kinds of ocean animals ranging from zooplankton to whales. And ocean observatories could make her science even more ...

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Caption: Chris Martens getting ready to 'splash' and dive 50 feet underwater to live in the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory for a 10-day mission., Credit: Mark Hulsbeck
Chris Martens is alarmed by the global disappearance of corals. To learn more, he lives at the bottom of the ocean on Conch Reef off Key Largo, Flo...

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Caption: Rob Olson and Heidi Sosik developed an automated underwater microscopic camera that takes photographs of phytoplankton in the ocean., Credit: Tom Kleindinst, WHOI
Heidi Sosik and Rob Olson describe how a shared frustration led them to develop a special underwater camera that takes pictures of tiny cells in th...

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Caption: John Delaney directs the Regional Scale Nodes ocean observatory program at the University of Washington, where he also serves as Professor of Oceanography., Credit: UWTV and the NEPTUNE Program
Welcome to the first episode of Ocean Gazing. We'll look at, listen to and touch the ocean to unpack its secrets. On this program, we’ll hear fro...

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