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Caption: ,,,The streets where gold  Is used for toilets Mostly down  In Manhattan..The IRS tries to stay on it hence....why you devised Audit Defense!, Credit: Susan Cook
Lyrics for the Great American Wrongbook! Depreciation. Commuting miles. My Old and Trusty Mileage Log. Tax Experts Waiting to Answer! And much much...

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Caption: The 1918 Truth: Wear a mask., Credit: The Topsham Crier/Charles Crosby
The revelations of Woodward's "Rage" are understood best through Sun Tze, the ancient Chinese text also known as The Art of War and the historical ...

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Caption: Most golfers don't need the Fly Swatter!, Credit: Susan Cook
No False Equivalence here! The Pandemic. Trillions of Dollars of National Debt! And You Know Who's Extra Golf Strokes! Counting Every One!

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Caption: Adolescents, the life cycle's truthtellers, any paleobiologist, or historian knows truth matters..., Credit: Susan Cook
In 2007, after the Iraq War began, Truth was traded freely for access to Power. The consequence of today's hemorrhaging of Truth requires more than...

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Caption: ...all doing their part, Credit: Susan Cook
The pandemic has brought much repurposing for good. As the current President comes to Maine for Public Relations at a factory churning out 1 milli...

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Caption: Nice work if you can get it..., Credit: Susan Cook
Now that Mainers have said "NO!" to CMP and Avengrid destroying the North Woods, a lyrical tribute from the Great American Wrongbook!

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Caption: My 220,000 mile transmission, Credit: Susan Cook
In honor of the Iowa Caucus App Developers, lyrics for The Great American Wrongbook in The Dept. of Poetic Justice (and Reckoning). Hey, it ...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
As Gwen Ifill is honored, as the Holocaust murders of the ancestors of Terry Gross are revealed, in the aftermath of the harassing effort to intim...

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Piece image
March brings us Sunshine Week, an annual honoring of the ethical and legal obligation for Transparency of Public Records and the Freedom of Informa...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
This is a sonnet for the baseball teams who after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon each played the song the Boston Red Sox play during a game w...

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Caption: Breathing: American Sonnets in Gulf of Maine Books window, Credit: Susan Cook
Some years back The House of Representatives' healthcare bill denied maternity care and denied health insurance to 18 to 25 year olds. Back then...

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Caption: Leaning back...he asked "Who rules the world?", Credit: Susan Cook
Censorship of anti-war statements is now and always has been a threat to our nation's stability and the world's safety.

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Caption: Taking my time..., Credit: Susan Cook"
As Nancy Pelosi gets ready to hand-deliver the Articles of Impeachment to Mitch McConnell in Kentucky at his home when she gets there from her home...

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Caption: Memorable words from 2019: "We'll be in total coordination with the White House... , Credit: Susan Cook
Auld Lang Syne for 2019: Fitbits, Cerebellum and Walking My Impeachment Articles Back Home!

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Caption: Maybe sometime in the night when the wind blows..., Credit: Susan Cook
Greta Thunberg, in her UN Climate Change speech called on threatened loss of the loved, in her view, the environment to bring action on climate c...

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A new exhibit at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center in Maine called "Finding Our Voices: Ending the Silence of Domestic Abuse" opened just befo...

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Caption: Their "First Dance" was to the Country-Western song "Count on Me".
Those who sign on for white water rafting trips, fishing and hunting day trips are hoping to find a few hours or so of Great Abandon, an experience...

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Caption: An uninformed New York Times reporter didn't know termination reasons are already recorded..., Credit: Susan Cook
A conviction of a protester outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic brings up the question: when will the severity of the violence that follows fr...

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Caption: ..intention for good..., Credit: Susan Cook
Sustaining intention for good means we understand that permission for violence makes a gun what it is: a creator of violence. At a Maine vigil, th...

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Caption: ...finding moral ground..., Credit: Susan J. Cook
Moral Development thinkers of the 1960's and 70's helped make sense of those polarized times. The "moral" twist of these times is often reduced to ...

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