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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
I am a licensed psychologist. One question routinely asked is; "Do you have guns in your home?" If they say yes, I ask, "Are they in a locked cabi...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
In this season of gratitude, speak. Uphold civil liberties, the human rights that we have, that others will travel thousands of miles for, and when...

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Caption: What happens after a fish is caught teaches that fish are not so stalwart after all., Credit: Susan Cook
When people say things like the quote published in the newspaper the other day, they don't seem to realize what's at stake. So, this Citizen's Guid...

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Caption: In the age of instant messages, how do we keep our vote choice our own?, Credit: Susan Cook
Party structure has always provided the legs for a candidate to stand on- supporting and staying in touch with a candidate's focus: the voters. ...

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Caption: Let us anticipate what we lose if we hand over the democracy ground game. , Credit: Susan Cook
The Mayor of New York held a big fundraiser in New York recently to support candidates who want consensus in Washington. As we listen to Mr. Bloomb...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
The Constitution does not say "We, the Brand Consumer". It says "We, the... thinking , questioning, remembering, mind-changing, advocating and yes...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
It is the question all of them ask over and over, the one that Rep. Todd Aken brought up. Was it a legitimate rape? It's not just the question ad...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
The peculiar thing about the News is that very often events of senseless tragedy and despair are juxtaposed with News of hope and compassion. Some...

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Caption: Many women don't still have their "I Believe Anita Hill" buttons., Credit: Susan Cook
The Republican attack on women, a not- so thinly veiled attack on credibility, the females, that is, is not new. Women, you may remember, require ...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
Seldom do citizens witness the workings of that Refinery known as Political Hostage Taking. There is much to learn from the John Edwards' trial abo...

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Deception is something we need to claim as what we do not like in politics and political life. This is not claiming the moral high ground. This ...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
As the Supreme Court Justices listen to lawyers try to find the legal logic in requiring people to buy health insurance, let us remember that peopl...

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Caption: Organically-grown political influence is made in one way- and money can't buy it. , Credit: Susan Cook
No matter how many lawsuits are filed to make political influence available to the highest bidder, there is one kind that you can't pay for or crea...

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Caption: We listen to the billow of candidate debates but a better format for finding The truly Presidential might be The Meeting., Credit: Susan Cook
We listen to the billow of candidate debates to answer bigger questions: who among them truly has the character and qualities to be President of t...

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Caption: If they chew it and it is still writhing, continuing to chew is profound., Credit: Susan Cook
As the dust settles from the Iowa Caucuses , it is time to sniff, dig and if necessary chew and swallow pettiness and small-mindedness where found....

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
A new collection of observations from E.B. White, the Brooklin, Maine writer, has been culled by his granddaughter, Martha White. He was once d...

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Caption: The Ven diagrams were very confusing. , Credit: Susan Cook
Freedom of Speech began long ago in a tiny town called Fragile Rock when the people finally declared "We are the overlapping section of the Ven dia...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
We wade into emotionally shallow waters when we look at the media's recent coverage of the important consequences of the Penn State revelation tha...

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Caption: In Donald Trump's time, Marshmellow questions have changed., Credit: Susan Cook
Delayed gratification has changed. Social science experiments often mirror cultural values and our best learners absorb them well. They do what th...

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Caption: "Breathing: American Sonnets", Credit: Susan Cook
David Brooks excels when his vast analytic abilities are brought to his fondness for Republicans. In the New York Times, he ventured into an are...

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