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WTF is the name of the popular podcast from comedian and provocateur Marc Maron. Each interview on WTF is a journey into the depths of a comic's psyche. A new season of five episodes is here for 2013. Combine them with last seasons' still-evergreen episodes for a 21-episode series.

WTF — perfect for this summer, for late-night listening, or just to shake things up. Come to the dark side of comedy. Oh and, please read content advisories on each episode before licensing.

New: Season Three Episodes, Spring 2013

The spring 2013 season of WTF has five new episodes and promos available now. Pick and choose, or air this season and seasons below for a total of 21 episodes.

Episode 301 |  

Mel Brooks. Nothing we write here can do this justice. So just listen to Mel and Marc take you through the life of a legend, from his youthful days in Brooklyn and his time served in World War II to his triumphs on the big screen, the small screen and The Great White Way. And then, with a little help from Mel, Marc is able to sit down for a chat with another legend of comedy, Carl Reiner. They talk about the origins of the 2000 Year Old Man and Carl’s journey from writing to acting to directing.

Episode 302 |  

Michael Keaton is in the garage and he leaves nothing outside the door. Marc and Michael cover the Full Keaton: His Catholic upbringing in Pittsburgh, working on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, his early stand-up career, his big break in Hollywood, the circumstances that led to him becoming Batman, Beetlejuice, and everything in between.

Episode 303 |  

In 2011, Marc headed north to Santa Barbara to sit with one of the giants of comedy, Jonathan Winters. At 85, he was still firing on all cylinders, creating characters on the spot and recalling old improv bits from decades ago. They discuss his storied career in comedy, film and art. It’s the history of modern comedy in one interview.

Episode 304 |  

Molly Shannon makes a visit to The Cat Ranch -- Marc's house -- and Marc helps trace her path through the show business ranks, including a strange detour with Gary Coleman, leading to her amazing success at Saturday Night Live. Marc and Molly talk God, motherhood and how an early tragedy drove her ambition.

Episode 305 |  

Despite Marc’s wishes to the contrary, Jon Hamm is not much like Don Draper at all. Jon reveals what it was like to grow up in St. Louis, why he hung around a lot of alternative comedy shows in the '90s, and why a role on Mad Men saved his career. Then Bryan Cranston talks to Marc about what led him to the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Along the way he almost became a cop, worked alongside some carnies, and was briefly wanted for murder.

Season Two Episodes, Spring 2012

The spring 2012 season of WTF has six new episodes and promos available now. Pick and choose, or air this season and season one (below) to get 16 episodes.

Episode 201 |  

Kids in the Hall. Newsradio. A Bug's Life. Now you can add Marc's Garage to Dave Foley's amazing list of credits. Dave talks with Marc about the roots of Kids in the Hall, some turbulent times in his life, and getting into the stand-up game -- not because he WANTS to, but because he HAS to.

Episode 202 |  

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler remembers her early days as an improv comedian in New York City when she used to cross paths with an edgy young stand-up named Marc Maron. She also talks about her feelings toward Lorne Michaels and her marriage to another very funny individual.

Episode 203 |  

It takes a lot for a guest to surprise Marc in a Cat Ranch interview, but Norm Macdonald is able to do just that with his candor and sensitivity. Norm discusses his career accomplishments and the dark side of his personality that threatened everything he had achieved.

Episode 204 |  

Marc sits down with Todd Hanson, one of the original writers for The Onion. Todd is responsible for some of the smartest, funniest satire of the past two decades. But something goes unspoken during this conversation, and prompts a second discussion about a major event in Todd’s life.

Episode 205 |  

Comedian Carl LaBove was Sam Kinison's best friend and opening act. Sam died in his arms. He talks with Marc about that night, as well as his wild early days at The Comedy Store. Plus, he shares in detail his attempts to get his life back after he found out a secret of Sam's that turned everything upside down.

Episode 206 |  

A tribute to George Carlin with one of the people who knew him best — his "spouse without papers," Sally Wade. She reveals the George that few people got to know and talks about her last moments with him. Sally provides a fitting memorial to the man who influenced just about every comedian in the business.

Season One Episodes

Season one is still available to air. Combine it with the shows above for a 16-episode series.

Episode 101 |  

Judd Apatow is one of the most prolific and successful creators of comedy in Hollywood. But at age 16, Judd was already doing his own radio show not unlike the one Marc does today. Hear rare clips of Judd in 1983 talking to Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Garry Shandling, well before the breaks that launched them all to superfame.

Episode 102 |  

Marc and Conan O'Brien discuss Conan's personal insecurities, the people who leave him starstruck, how he's still processing what happened to him at NBC and how the recent events in his professional life helped him relax.

Episode 103 |  

Marc sits down with Bob Odenkirk, one half of the influential '90s HBO sketch program Mr. Show. They'll talk about the discipline it takes to get creative projects made. Plus, a conversation in the car with the delightfully bizarre comic Maria Bamford.

Episode 104 |  

A conversation with comic, director and writer Louis CK. Louis is at the top of his game today, but he and Marc recall the days when they were both struggling young comics in Boston, when Louis was getting rejected by SNL, and when his movie was being taken away from him by a Hollywood studio.

Episode 105 |  

Ben Stiller may be one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but he is not above sitting in the garage for a chat with Marc about show biz, parents, rivalries, Apatow, anxieties and, of course, Heat Vision & Jack. Plus, Tig Notaro talks about why she hates people who take pity on female comics.

Episode 106 |  

Yeah, Marc's sitting down with Robin Williams for an hour. No big deal. So what do you talk about with an international comedy superstar? How about alcoholism, cocaine, divorce, joke stealing, heart surgery, fame, Richard Pryor, jealousy, and Twitter?

Episode 107 |  

In one of the late comic's final interviews, Mike DeStefano discusses the extraordinary circumstances that led to him becoming a comedian. Then Marc admits to being intimidated by Margaret Cho and then asks her to sit and talk with him.

Episode 108 |  

Carlos Mencia is a major name in comedy. He's also one of the most reviled characters in the business among other comics. So, naturally, Marc wants to find out what makes him tick, what it feels like to be so controversial, and what he says in his own defense.

Episode 109 |  

Tom Lennon talks about going from niche television acting like The State and Reno 911! to writing for films like Night at the Museum; Dave Attell talks stand-up while poolside; and Andy Richter discusses the move from late-night sidekick, to sitcom star and back again.

Episode 110 |  

How can you sell out 20,000-seat arenas, star in several Hollywood films, record the biggest selling comedy album in 30 years, and still be called "polarizing?" Dane Cook stops by the garage to talk about being Dane Cook and whether that might be more complicated than it seems. Plus, Janeane Garofalo describes the transition from political commentary back into comedy.

About the Host and Producers

Host Marc Maron

You want to know who Marc Maron is? Listen to WTF — the shows above here or his podcast. He lets it all out there. The podcast WTF with Marc Maron premiered in September 2009 and now averages 230,000 listeners per week. The show hits #1 on the iTunes comedy charts regularly and has been downloaded by 17 million people since its debut.

For over fifteen years, Marc Maron has been writing and performing raw, honest, and thought-provoking comedy for print, stage, radio, and television. A legend in the stand-up community, he has appeared on HBO, Conan, Letterman, his two Comedy Central Presents specials and almost every show that allows comics to perform. His book based on his solo show, The Jerusalem Syndrome: My Life as a Reluctant Messiah, is available on His three CDs, Not Sold Out, Tickets Still Available and Final Engagement are comedy cult classics and are available on iTunes. His forthcoming album will be available on Comedy Central Records in 2011.

In 2011, Marc headlined an episode of Comedy Central's John Oliver's NY Stand-Up Show and was ranked #7 in Comedy Central's annual Stand-up Showdown.

Producer Jesse Thorn

Jesse is the host and producer of the radio show and podcast Bullseye from Public Radio International. It airs on to dozens of public radio stations and weekly on the XM Public Radio channel.

Jesse hosts the podcasts Judge John Hodgman and Jordan, Jesse, Go! and the television program The Grid, which airs on IFC. Jesse made the WTF public radio shows possible and is the only guy at public radio conferences who bothers to clean up and look good in a suit.

His production company, Maximum Fun, lives up to its name. As proof, he does most of his work from his home in LA.

Producer Nick White

Nick White is a radio and podcast producer based in Chicago. He produced and edited WTF for public radio.

Nick edits Bullseye from Public Radio International. He also works as a producer for WBEZ 91.5FM and is a volunteer for the Chicago Independent Radio Project.

Airing WTF

Scheduling Ideas

Shows from the last two seasons and this year's new shows are available to PRX member stations.


WTF's third season is formatted as a 54-minute hour with a newscast hole and two floating one-minute cutaways with each episode.

Seasons one and two are presented in two format versions:

  1. A 59-minute version with NO newscast hole and two floating one-minute cutaways. WTF prefers that you use this version unless you need a newshole, in which case...
  2. A 54-minute version with a newscast hole and two floating one-minute cutaways is provided with each episode.


There are 10 season one episodes (from 2011, but evergreen) and six new episodes of the WTF limited series. WTF is being offered for broadcast at the default PRX point rate. Just look in the upper right corner of the piece page for the point fee.

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Content Advisory

Episodes of WTF contain some adult language and adult themes. Offensive words are bleeped out, but sensitive listeners should be advised.

All programmers should preview episodes before license and air.