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Caption:  (Left) Wilson Dairy Restaurant (Right) Helen Zia as a baby with mom., Credit: Photo copyright Helen Zia used with permission

Uncovering the Refugee Experience & Healing Through Storytelling (Encore) (29:00)
From: Making Contact

This week's episode is about two women, one who fled Shanghai during Mao's Chinese Revolution, and the other who escaped the Bolshevik Revolution and Ukrainian pogroms. We ...
Caption: Cover of the book, "America's Black Capital", Credit: Hachette Book Group

America's Black Capital (29:00)
From: Making Contact

On this week's episode, we speak with Dr. Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar about his latest book, “America's Black Capital: How African Americans Remade Atlanta in the Shadow of the ...
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Reproductive Justice: The Ongoing Struggle for Bodily Autonomy (Encore) (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Today we share excerpts from “She's Beautiful When She's Angry,” a documentary about the rise of activism around women’s rights in the late 1960s, the intersections of race ...
Caption: Bayard Rustin, half-length portrait, facing front, microphones in foreground, Credit: Library of Congress

Giving Bayard Rustin His Flowers (Encore) (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Today’s episode from our archives continues to honor Black history and heritage. We take a look at the life and legacy of Bayard Rustin, a central figure in the struggle for ...
Caption: Portrait of Dr. Cornel West, Credit: Gage Skidmore (from creative commons)

Denial of the Funk: The Impact of Racism on our Nation's Health (29:00)
From: Making Contact

On today's show, we hear from noted author, scholar, and self-described intellectual freedom fighter, Dr. Cornel West. In his discussions, West uses America’s music legacy as ...
Caption: But Next Time hosts Rose and Chrishelle pose for a photo with members of indigenous language radio show, Radio Autóctona Indigenista on KBBF., Credit: Leah Mahan

But Next Time Part 2: Language Justice and the Road to Recovery After Disaster (Encore) (29:00)
From: Making Contact

This week we continue delving into community-rooted disaster relief in California. From building mutual aid networks, to translating emergency messages in common local ...
Caption: Left is a Mullein Plant and the author, Michele Elizabeth Lee.  , Credit: Anita Johnson

A History of Traditional Root Healing (Encore) (29:00)
From: Making Contact

In some parts of the world, traditional herbal remedies are the norm. When we think of natural remedies we tend to think of older generations living in remote areas, in far ...
Caption: Sandra Harris, photographed in her home. , Credit: Amarr Croskey

70 Million - Highway Robbery: How a Small Town Traffic Trap Became A Legal Black Hole (29:00)
From: Making Contact

On today's show, we hear a story from our podcast partner 70 Million about a small town in Alabama, where an eager new police chief, unsuspecting motorists, and a ...
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The Healing Project: An Abolitionist Story (Encore) (29:00)
From: Making Contact

This week on Making Contact we bring you to "The Healing Project," a multimedia installation that shares stories from incarcerated people about how the trauma of imprisonment ...
Caption: The diaper distribution room at All Options Pregnancy Resource Center in Bloomington, IN. , Credit: Amy Gastelum

Self-Managed Abortion: Medicine of the Future? (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Abortion access is piecemeal and complex in the US. And while access to abortion volleys among the court system, the organization helps people access pills to ...