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Comment for "Fighting With My Dad"

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Review of Fighting With My Dad

Hilarious! For those of us who MUST work alone -- and wonder why -- this quest for a son's understanding of his artist-father's UBER self-confidence makes you realize you have more in common with your parent(s) than you'd like to admit and definitely sheds some light on the roots of hermitdom. A good strong dose of humor and self reflection makes this a very worthwhile piece to listen to.

Comment for "The Singing Yeast Cell"

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Review of The Singing Yeast Cell

It may seem like this is only for the technologically-inclined -- but I'm not -- and I still loved it. This piece is a great scientific sound journey into the life of cells and the scientists who study them. The sound is simply amazing - eery and other-worldly -- and it completely takes you out of your environment and puts you somewhere else. This is what radio was made for! I found it fascinating and definitely would recommend it to any programmer who wants to give the audience a wild ride.

Comment for "The Most German Day Ever"

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Review of The Most German Day Ever

I like the tone of this piece -- the narration is very entertaining as is the background music. You don't have to have lived in Germany to appreciate this. It makes it seem as if the Germans almost have a sense of humor! It's the right mix of bizarre, funny and entertaining -the best part is that the humor exposes the humanity of these people in Krautsand. I hope someone airs this!

Comment for "Spam-o-Rama!"

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Review of Spam-o-Rama!

I really liked this piece. The sound throughout is good and the material is funny and quirky. I would like to know why the Spam contest is happening there - is Spam from Maine? But nevermind, the real Maine voices of those interviewed are great --the drag queen wins the prize.

Comment for "The Day My Mother's Head Exploded (Short Version)"

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Review of The Day My Mother's Head Exploded (Short Version)

THe part of this piece that captures my attention is how the illness turned the mother into an open person, how she likes sex better etc. I would like to have heard more about that and what the world is like for her mother now that she is "open", not so much about the story of how the illness struck. I also wanted more about the relationship between the daughter and the mother and how it changed. That would make it a stronger piece. THe part at the end about not worrying about work or cellphones, I found, was a bit cliched.