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Comment for "A Guy Named Joe Bevilacqua"

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Review of A Guy Named Joe Bevilacqua

I really like this piece! It's takes a very creative approach to what could have been a simple, two-dimensional story. It's also very memorable-- I recall hearing this on the air, and that was over a year ago. This makes for fun listening!

Comment for "Roadway Renaissance Man"

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Review of Roadway Renaissance Man

I've always loved this piece, since the first time I heard it! It starts right off and immediately captures my attention with the Andy Rooney story. Tom, the tollbooth collector is really insightful, and he has so many interesting things to say! I think a large part of the draw of this piece for me is that it takes a seemingly simple and uninteresting topic-- tollbooth collecting-- and looks into it really deeply. The music really moves the piece along in a very flowing, lyrical way. I highly recommend this!

Comment for "Gays in the Military - 10 Years of Don't Ask Don't Tell"

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Review of Gays in the Military - 10 Years of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Piece provides a good summary of an issue I think most people don't know much about. The stories of harassment the gay soldier tells are very disturbing, and I think they're important for people to hear. I think I might have appreciated a piece that was a little longer and more in-depth, however.

Comment for "Online Dating, Amazon Style"

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Review of Online Dating, Amazon Style

Piece was fun to listen to and thought-provoking. Good, authoritative delivery. I enjoyed listening to this.

Comment for "Fresh Direct to Honduras"

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Review of Fresh Direct to Honduras

I like this piece a lot. It's a very interesting topic that I think most people outside of the Honduran immigrant community have little knowledge of, so I found it terribly fascinating. The piece was well-produced and there was good use of sound. The process of transporting the buses was explained very thoroughly in an easy-to-understand manner. I highly recommend this piece!

Comment for "The Tomato and The Big Apple"

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Review of The Tomato and The Big Apple

The way the piece was constructed made it sort of interesting to listen to. On several occasions, I kept expecting to hear actualities, but the narrator instead went on with her story, describing what happened in her own words rather than playing clips of the action. Some of the time I didn't mind that, but other times I felt myself wanting to hear more. Good use of ambient sound behind the narration, though.

I like the informal and conversational tone of the piece. I got a good sense of what the scene was like.

There were a few times around 9:10 and 14:03 when the narrator cleared her throat or re-started her sentence. I'm not sure if that was a glitch or if that was intentionally left in as some sort of modernist convention, but I suspect the former. Either way, if was a bit distracting.

Comment for "Hard to Say"

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Review of Hard to Say

The piece is beautifully edited with music and ambient sound. The narrator is very easy to listen to, and he captured my ear from the beginning. I felt as if I was right there listening to him. I really enjoyed this piece!

Comment for "L. H. Karaoke Lounge" (deleted)

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Review of L. H. Karaoke Lounge (deleted)

Having recently produced a piece on karaoke singing myself, I found this interesting and informative. Ben seemed to interview all the right people who had thoughful insights to share, and I loved the non-Vietnamese guy who prefers singing in Vietnamese. I also got a good sense of what the place is like.