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Review of "Bridges" by David Gilmer (deleted)

I like this poem, but i feel like there's something missing, it's just plain voice. if there was a bed of hip hop, or a city street sound, like a basketball court in the city, it would transport me there. a strong piece of poetry, but it still needs something, maybe i'm just used to having absolutly no silence on the air, and sometimes dead air is nice when talking but this poem would be much more effective if there was music.

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Review of Dangers of the River Road

i like this.
few youth pieces are this effective at drawing emotions, but this one just about did it.

it would totally be a 5 star piece, but the last piece of music sounded a lot like the "titanic" theme (you know, with celene dion, "my heart will go on"). gah! so close to being an AMAZING and effective piece. but my heart sank when i heard that pipe/flute doing those notes. it just added a cheese factor that took away from the emotional story about the teens.

Comment for "[Insert Racist Comment Here] (#108)"

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I like this Piece,
It brings up a very good point about racism (although i'm not sure i agree with it). It sounds like a bit of a NPR newsmagazine or "the world" piece, where the anchors ask each other questions and stuff.

Although, I'm confused as to what Dean's opinion is though. Is there sarcasm?

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Review of Local News Sucks

i love this piece. while a tad rough, i like the sound of the news clips.

it sounds as if you're sitting on a couch, watching the news, and talking about it.

i don't understand why people keep saying the soundquality of the clips sucks, when i like it. it sounds like we're actually watching the news, not just some lameass soundbite.

while ben needs to add a little emotion (he sounds like he's reading), i think this is a strong piece, and i think i'm going to feature it on my teen show.

i like how he emphasizes the title of the piece "tortured teens" by repeating it... "tortured teens"... ok... don't get me started on that because i want to smack that news writer upside the head.

well done ben. keep it up!

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Review of Subway Symphony

It's like a electronic drumkit of urban underground sounds. could make a good traffic bed, especially in areas with subways.

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Review of Confessions of Teen Stripper

A Short Piece that really talks about the "underbelly of the American Dream" that girls get, when they're after the true american dream.

It left me wanting to hear more. If that was the intent, it was well done.