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Comment for "At 102 years old, Evelyn has embraced her addiction."

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Great start, but keep polishing!

Nice piece Kendall!
Evelyn was very hard to understand at all times, I'm not sure what audience this piece is for, but it probably isn't 'airable' because of that. It's a cool story, but she mumbles a bit too much... at some point your narration alludes to something she says but it... but I'm not sure if that was clear enough.

H2 Zom? I didn't think it sounded fuzzy - other than normal room noise. I think the mic was probably just too far from her mouth, especially in a noise-bouncy hospital room. I'd suggest inserting room-tone to erase audible edits between you and her.

Also, a sound of a tennis game on tv might be nice to insert somewhere, roaring crowd, tennis ball bouncing sound, both the sound of raquets and some announcer raving about Federer specifically, something I was almost waiting for.

Music - I thought the music excerpts were too short, there are two very different songs in the first 30 seconds. Try to use music to bridge between two sections (intro and "who madeline is") the music fades out too abruptly at 0:45.


Comment for "Everything's Dandy"

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strong tape with a human story

Great opening! I was expecting a longer scene to open the piece (that formula start with action...) I liked hearing the kid explaining the process of the circus.

The editing between his parents was a little too much rapid-fire back and forth for me - needs more variation, and don't be afraid to pause for nuance. Also, I thought it was weird that it was panned left and right. Just putting that out there.

The ending section is stressful but powerful, it must have been hard to tape - was it a lapel mic? Maybe try keeping the marching band music as a bed - maybe to create tension.

Sometimes I thought you could have done fade-outs slower, or kept ambient noise underneath talking more often.

Great story, good development, nice bookends! yay!

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Engaging Radio

Chalk up another "Wow." There is so much powerful tape here, because I tended to 'read between the lines' as I heard the stories, especially the girl in prison.
The music is so engaging, an ingenious execution to set up tension and pacing. Is it a string quartet - original scoring? Wow #2
It is a troubling investigation, frustrating in so many ways. I kept feeling sorry for these young adults - who's the victim? but something/someone put them there. These are voices that need to be heard.

Comment for "Growing the Green Collar Economy"

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Timely and inspiring

The intro to this piece was especially well delivered. The "needs of larger society" really leaves the listener with an impression of the topic of the hour. This interview with Marjora Carater is really excellent: she is likable, funny, gives excellent examples, and steps back to look at the big picture.

I didn't catch the host's name until minute 29 - it sounds like an impeccable impression of Dick Gordon, host of The Story from American Public Media, who I love as an interviewer.

I liked the questions that inquired the inner motivations of the green movement - not just restoring the environment, but restoring people, too.