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Review of He Spent His Last Birthday In Jail

This man is a treasure. I love the way he keeps the listener waiing for the last bit that ties it all together.

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Review of Information does not either want to be free.

What a wonderful segment. As an accredited Information Specialist (whatever the hell that is: in my case a certificate & MS from NY State), I was fascinated by his take on information. You go, Merle...why would information "want" to be free? And how could it think anyhow? Information is currency in these times, bad info worse than none. Snap up and out of it folks, put your money where your questions are.-- Unless it's about all those people I see on the cover of "People" magazine, ad nauseum. Them: first, who are they?, second?, who cares. Let them spawn and mate, divide and re-unite. That's not information. I believe it used to be called something quaint, like 'gossip.'
Loved it - keep on Merle!