Comments by Laura Kwerel

Comment for "Honoring the Body: Taharah"

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Review of Honoring the Body: Taharah

Excellent piece explaining the Jewish burial preparation with great reverence. The use of music to set the tone is exceptional.

Comment for "Womyn Am I"

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Review of Womyn Am I

I really enjoyed this slice-of-life piece about a feminist spiritual group in Maine. It's so hard to make a coherent story without narration, but I thought the producer did a nice job of weaving back and forth between scenes of worship and the group's history.

The best thing about this piece was the scenes; I thought they really glued all the separate parts together, and I could visualize what was happening.

The one thing this piece really needs to make it appealing to stations is an informative host intro that would give this piece some context, and answer that nagging "so what" question.

I was also left wondering what exactly they do in the rituals besides lighting candles and singing songs.

Overall, though, I thought this was a very polished, thoughtful portrait of a group I had never known about.