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Comment for "A Dance Between Darkness & Light: My Struggle With Bipolar Disorder"

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Unlike previous commenters, I have no direct experience with this condition, and I found this piece incredibly effective at giving me at least a glimpse of what it must be like. Aubrey Ralph's use of effects, radio drama, music and other elements (including really interesting and effective metaphors) paints a picture that would be simply impossible with words alone. A wonderful example of the power of audio. Well done!

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Beautiful, funny, moving (deleted)

This is one of those pieces that when you first hear it you go out into the hall to find people so that you can bring them into your office and play it for them. It's funny, touching and absorbing. Music and ambi are used sparingly but to great effect, and the voicing is subtle and engaging. It's a very personal piece, but in a paradoxically universal way: I've never had an experience much like this, but I think I know exactly what it would feel like.