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This may be my favorite 2.5 minutes of radio

A great little story, beautifully told. Just lovely.

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The Memory Palace Rules (deleted)

I love almost everything about this series. Each episode is a short, well written, funny and compellingly told story about the past. If history was always told like this, there’d be whole lot more unemployed history majors out there begging for change.

I recommend these as ME or ATC drop-ins. The podcast has already gotten a ton of attention online. Be ahead of the curve and start broadcasting them now. Your audience will thank you for it.

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Review of TOE/Free Enterprise Art

This new effort by Benjamen Walker really makes me happy. The Theory of Everything plays with fact and fiction, journalism and performance to create brilliant radio for the imagination. The real and fake elements blend together, but it's not about trying to fool the listeners, it's about using the earnest public radio format to make the fiction more alive and interesting. Both episodes were so good that after listening to them once, I immediately went back to the beginning and began listening again. Walker's sense of humor and intelligence really come through in the program. I highly recommend this program if you have a half hour to fill in your schedule.

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Review of call to canada

This piece was the one that inspired me to feature Your Radio Nightlight on my own public radio program (Invisible Ink). Benjamen's nervous rambling to the Canadian immigration official is hilarious and engaging. I also greatly enjoyed the beginning of the segment, which uses the telephone menu system to set up the story. Listen to how quickly Walker presses the buttons in response to the menu options. It's a great storytelling technique. For me, the real appeal is that it is a funny story that is underscored by a very tangible sense of despair and hopelessness. Just so this isn't too fawning a review, it is a pretty loose piece (it's rambling by design) and could probably get the point across with a minute or two shaved off the TRT. That's a minor observation compared to how much fun I had listening to it.