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Comment for "The Not-So-Secret Service"

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Review of The Not-So-Secret Service

This piece has lots of the elements that, together, can make a great piece. If the adult Miles had been more reflective, had been spurred in the interview to reveal something more about himself or how the world has changed, and then the audio Miles recorded as a child (which, by the way, is very sweet, funny, and of surprisingly good sound quality) served as an accent to move the story forward, I could hear this piece in a This American Life-style format. As is, it's an engaging short piece that makes well-timed and humorous use of music, and is well mixed (at least, from what I could hear on my laptop speakers).

Comment for "Think Piece on Life After High School"

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Review of Think Piece on Life After High School

I really enjoyed this piece. It's an unusual approach to a question frequently addressed by youth radio producers. The music was well-placed, and the voicing was engaging. My main quibble is that it was too short -- it felt like an introduction to a longer story rather than a self-contained piece. I could hear it as a kick start for a discussion about options available to young people in the work force. But what I'd really like is to hear more about the case...

Comment for "Grad Student Discos for Dollars"

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Review of Grad Student Discos for Dollars

Frank has a knack for ferreting out interesting stories. This one has character, texture, and fun tunes. It's a light, evergreen piece. Gives a good sense of vibe on a Chicago street, and imparts do-it-yourself inspiration.