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Comment for "The Graceful Art of Breaking Up"

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Review of The Graceful Art of Breaking Up

This is straight to the point on how you would break-up and how to get over it. There are many relationship tht don't last and some that do. Its simple to know what others think on their relationship yet complecated. Good use of different people's opinions of what they feel and how to get over a bad relationship.

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Review of Personals

This piece is very amusing because it makes most people seem that they are desperate for love and the tend to look in the worg place all the time. But hey its their way of finding different mates that are compatible with them. Hopefully them don't find some who is a perveted freak online or thourght the phone

Comment for "Interracial Dating"

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Review of Interracial Dating

This piece is very straight to the point about interracial dating, other teens where asked on how they feel on interracial dating. They said that it doesn't bother them at all, other said that it is really hard to accepted interracial dating. The reason why I rate it disturbing is that most people feel that only whites should be with whites and blacks should be with blacks. Right there is a discrimination against other races and collor. This may be a problem among teens today, but other teens are comfortable around their friends who have a white or latino girlfriend or boyfriend.

Comment for "Southwest Side Stories: My Girlfriend Stephanie"

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Review of Southwest Side Stories: My Girlfriend Stephanie

This piece is simplie, it doesn't talk much about his girl friend but at the end it does. The only thing thats "wrong" with this piece is that it is too short, but other than that this piece is very good. A first person view and real sounds add in when walking done the street.

Comment for "Corn Maze"

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Review of Corn Maze

Its good to hear that other young teens find ways to have fun even thought it isn't near Halloween. This piece is good because it has real audio from the corn maze that they were in, also that it has scary music at the end. The beginning didn't have much of a good start, but with a lot more pratice it will be a lot better. I hope to hear more of these type of stories that come up.

Comment for "Cathy, 16, Mom"

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Review of Cathy, 16, Mom

This is real and down right raw, because it tells you how it is to be a teen parent right down to bone. Some teens think that ?Oh! Taking care of a kid is easy.? But in reality it is hard to be a teen parent. Cathy gives you her views of how she reacts to all the problems that happen at home. Then at parenting class that is the really the only place that she get support for her kids. All teen parents say it is hard to be a mother/father to their child. If every teen were to get pregnant and have a child then they would know how it feels to be taking care of a child.

Comment for ""The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...Is That I'm Young""

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Review of "The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...Is That I'm Young"

It is good to here some music in between when they talk as well in the beginning of the piece. As the two mothers talk about how they got first pregnant and how they told their boyfriend that they are pregnant. They both tell how their boyfriends reaction. Its good to here from one mother that one father is financially ready and happy to the father of their child. The other mother tells that the baby?s father gets out of jail, then goes back after the baby?s birth day. They both talk about the time line of how the first pregnant to the way their boyfriend is around them and their child. At lest some fathers are there to take care of their child. I would?ve token care of my child no matter what. These fathers are lucky to fathers to a beautiful child.

Comment for "The Freshman Cycle"

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Review of The Freshman Cycle

This is a great piece because Mya Hunter that?s the time to talks to two freshmen Mari and Brian, she asked them how it feels to be dating someone as old as them or an upper classman. She also wants to know what the issue is on seniors dating freshman. For Mari it depends on who the guy is and younger than 18. Mari thinks that it is a problem for a senior to be dating a freshman. Mya asks what is most important in any relationship. Brian thinks that it is weird for a senior to be dating a freshman because it is wrong for an upperclassman to take advantage of an underclassman. Some other people think that it is OK to be date younger and older people that are two or three years older. Hopefully people understand that it is all about what they decide on whom they date.

Comment for "Teen Marriage"

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Review of Teen Marriage

Surprising, Truthful, and Reality. Hellen goes into her school and ask students on how they feel on being married at a young age. Some young males feel it is nothing to them. Teenagers who will become 18 will be able to marry on their own with who ever they want to marry. Young couples feel that if they love each other they should be married at the end of high school and when the turn 18. Most high school students feel that they should marry when they are at an older age like 23 to 28. This is not a case where I come from. Most teens where I?m from have kids, have the father pay child support and then the father runs off to another girl. Hopefully teens think on whom they want to marry after high school. And right after high school.

Comment for "Speaking to My Heart"

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Review of Speaking to My Heart

Parent hood is hard no matter how old you are. Some teen parents go young as 12 years old. Many teenagers think it's hard in the city, but out on a reservation it is hard because there is no place to take your child to a baby sitter. Nicci takes you to a timetable of when she had here first child at 14 and her second at 17, then being incarcerated. Nicci adds her boy and girls voices to her piece and the music grabs onto the listener with emotions. The emotions that grab you are sorrow, anger, happiness, and other types that you would feel torwards what she is talking about. She does a good narration with live recordings. She keeps a steady pace with her narration, doesn?t stutter, and keeps a strong, steady, gentle, voice so listeners will be grab by her emotions. As A would-have-been father I feel the same way as the kids' father. You would always want to be there with your kids. Now Nicci is going get a new start after getting out of prison. Take a listen and YOU might think differently about having a child.