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Recent Pieces from Barrett Golding

Caption: Robert Kennedy with migrant workers

HV035- 1968: Summer of Hate (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

It's another presidential election year; the American people are deeply divided and deeply entrenched in another unpopular war. The topic is not 2008, but 1968. If 1967 was ...
Caption: Jesus and Mary with red paint, sculptural relief on a Jerusalem building, Credit: Jake Warga

HV129- HanukkahChristmashup (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Christmas at a Bagram Air Base hospital, Afghanistan; a tour of the Holy Land, Hannukah military history; a visit to a toy store; and musical Chrismashups.
Caption: Battle Mountain, Nevada; photo: Scott Carrier

HV018- Stars and Bars (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Celebrating America with flags, fireworks and summer festivals, featuring recitations and reflections on The Pledge” of Allegiance, the annual Rainbow Family migration into ...
Caption: The Sledding Hill by Tabbymom, on Flickr

HV047- Snow and Ice (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Some cold-weather audio adventures: with gliding, sliding, and speed.
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HV080- Elvis Aaron Presley (53:58)
From: Hearing Voices

A Birthday Party fit for a King, with fans, friends, religion and rockin'.
Caption: Backdropped against the blue and white Earth 130 nautical miles below, astronaut Mark C. Lee tests the new Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue (SAFER) system. , Credit: NASA

Zero G, and I Feel Fine (06:01)
From: Hearing Voices

Transmissions are from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, with original music.
Caption: Earth from space, Credit: NASA

Last Man on the Moon (02:41)
From: Hearing Voices

Transmissions form Apollo 17 (Dec 7-19 1972), NASA's last manned moon mission; with an original music score.
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The T in Christmas (02:57)
From: Hearing Voices

The holidays: toy stores, Hannukah stories, carolers and bell-ringers.
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HV006- Radio Dial (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Radio stories about radio, then stories about radio stories: Jake Warga paints sound-portraits of "Urbana FM" in Uruguay and "Radio Gondor" in Ethiopia. The ShortWaveMusic ...
Caption: U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Credit: Jake Warga

HV104- Vet Vox (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

For Veterans Day: Vietnam, Korean, and World War Two vets, recorded by StoryCorps, along with a Marine Sergeant's recent "Don't Ask Don't Tell" discharge. And we hear plug ...