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Is that water safe to drink? Water filtration expert Heather Kollar (54:00)
From: WCWP

Water covers two-thirds of the earth yet in many places, water is contaminated
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Shedding Light on Solar Energy - What home owners need to know (51:50)
From: WCWP

The dynamics of solar energy and energy conservation - what home owners need to ponder when buying, owning, and selling a home. Great information for brokers too!
Caption: Ellen Goldfarb, Credit: Ellen Goldfarb

Ellen Goldfarb dared to be different by making a film about WLIR (53:30)
From: WCWP

An amazing documentary about WLIR 92.7 FM
Caption: Aaron Comess, Credit: Richard Solomon (Nassau County)

In the green room with dummer Aaron Comess of the Spin Doctors (05:25)
From: WCWP

Live from the 20th anniversary tour of Pocket Full of Kryptonite
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A Unique Way to Clean-up Ocean Plastic - upgyres.org (54:00)
From: WCWP

The earth oceans are under extreme stress due to environmental challenges. One group has a brilliant idea regarding plastic contaminants in the ocean - harvest the plastic ...
Caption: KNEE, Credit: Dr. Grelsamer

Avoiding unnecessary knee surgery (54:00)
From: WCWP

Dr Ron Grelsamer is a Doctor and the Author of "The Patient's Guide to Unnecessary Knee Surgery"
Caption: Amanda Sullivan, Credit: Amanda Sullivan

Getting Organized Now - tips and strategies from Amanda Sullivan (54:00)
From: WCWP

What are the secrets to de-cluttering?
Caption: Ann Wilson, Credit: The Space at Westbury and Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson - post concert review with Richard Solomon and Richard Taylor (25:33)
From: WCWP

Ann Wilson is currently performing Solo - she recently gave a phenomenal performance at The Space in Westbury, New York
Caption: Ronald Grelsamer

Into the Sky with Diamonds - Interview of Ronald Grelsamer - author and historian (54:00)
From: WCWP

Ronald Grelsamer took his passion about space exploration and his admiration of the Beatles and created a fiction book entitled "Into the Sky with Diamonds."
Caption: Denny Laine in concert , Credit: Richard Solomon

Backstage with Denny Laine (07:41)
From: WCWP

Join Richard Solomon for a one-on-one post concert interview with the legendary Denny Laine (Moody Blues, PaulMcCartney and Wings)