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Comment for "A Journey through Favelas of Rio de Janeiro"

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Favelas and the World Cup

When people talk about the loss of the middle class here in the United States, they'll often toss of the phrase "well at least we're not Brazil". I've always had a vague idea that Brazil is sliding further towards some economic extreme but I haven't had much ground to stand on there. This piece about the collisions between the favelas of Rio and the makers of the World Cup provides us with one of those rare moments when we can actually make sense of a bad situation getting worse at the same time that we can actually imagine some possible alternatives. The research and the reporting on the ground really pays off and gives some dynamic understanding to the exploding situation that is the globalizing Brazil. I'd never understood favelas before. Now I do, I hope it's not too late.

Comment for "Saving The Sierra"

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Review of Saving The Sierra

Saving the Sierra is a sweet hour spent in the mountains of eastern California and among the people who inhabit them. Catherine Stifter and jesika maria ross' beautifully conversational narration allows the listener to feel at home in this region. The piece builds on this with more conversations with locals of various stripes, each of whom speak to their particular concerns for the future, most of which have to do with encroaching urbanization. I'd imagine this piece could be a good handbook for rural communities around the country who face similar futures. It's such a nice example of how radio can be used to express a community's divergent voices, and ideally build the community it comes from. This is beautifully crafted radio, with plenty of authentic sound of the mountains, and moved along by original piano music.