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Caption: Producer John Biewen queries the author in Monterey, Cal., Credit: Diana Garcia

Travels with Mike: In Search of America 50 Years After Steinbeck (54:00)
From: The Center for Documentary Studies

A one-hour special revisiting Steinbeck's iconic book, Travels with Charley -- published 50 years ago, in 1962 -- and journeying into today's America through the eyes of ...
Caption: A resident of Chicago's 49th Ward., Credit: Melissa Beck

Groundwork: Democracy Close to Home (54:01)
From: The Center for Documentary Studies

A timely one-hour special, hosted by NPR's Scott Simon, that tells stories of American democracy at the local level. We listen in as people wrestle with issues alongside -- ...
Caption: Craig Griffieon of Ankeny, Iowa, Credit: Elena Rue

Five Farms, Episode One: Planting (54:00)
From: The Center for Documentary Studies

Spring planting on the family farm is the time of the annual gamble --- on the alchemies of nature, on the health of livestock, on future fall harvest market prices. Planting ...
Caption: Eddie Wise, Whitakers, N.C., Credit: Tom Rankin

Five Farms, Episode Two: Nurturing (54:00)
From: The Center for Documentary Studies

Early summer is a time of long days on the family farm, perfect for nurturing crops and animals as they approach the peak of growing season. Nurturing illuminates the daily ...
Caption: Sherry Hager, Colrain, Mass., Credit: Steve Schapiro

Five Farms, Episode Three: Stewardship (54:00)
From: The Center for Documentary Studies

Stewardship focuses on the daily choices farming families make to preserve their land, water, and air --- the fundamentals of farming. During mid-summer visits to a ...