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Caption: John Cruitt and his third grade teacher, Cecile Doyle, reuniting for the first time in 54 years in 2012, Credit: Courtesy of Allison Doyle

StoryCorps: John Cruitt, Cecile Doyle, and Allison Doyle (03:19)
From: StoryCorps

John Cruitt speaks first with his former teacher, Cecile Doyle -- and then her daughter, Allison– about how Cecile’s small act of kindness decades ago brought the three of ...
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StoryCorps: Denise Tuite (02:51)
From: StoryCorps

Denise Tuite recalls volunteering at The Lesbian Switchboard, a helpline for gay women that operated in New York City from the 70s to the 90s.
Caption: Halyna Hrushetsky and Oryna Hrushetsky-Schiffman at their StoryCorps interview in Chicago Illinois on September 4, 2014., Credit: By Andre Perez for StoryCorps.

StoryCorps: Halyna Hrushetsky and Oryna Hrushetsky-Schiffman (02:14)
From: StoryCorps

Halyna Hrushetsky tells her daughter Oryna Hrushetsky-Schiffman about when she learned her Ukrainian parents had lived through the Holodomor famine.
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Bean's Cafe (03:21)
From: Alaska Teen Media Institute

Provides meals, day shelter and support services in Anchorage, Alaska