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Comment for "Vinyl"

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Review of Vinyl

I quite like this piece, actually. Perhaps it doesn't belong on radio, but who cares? It's interesting, it's outside the box and I found it very enjoyable. Especially the "tidal" feeling that permeates the piece overall. I must respectfully disagree with a previous reviewer who characterized this piece as sounding like a first attempt at using ProTools or CoolEdit. While you may not enjoy this piece, you certainly have to tip your hat to the amount of work that went into it.

My only complaint is the length. As a stand alone audio piece it held my interest for about 2 minutes. Perhaps as an installation, it would be able to be played at it's full length, but as it is, my ears got tired at around 2:05

Comment for "Voices Without a Vote"

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Review of Voices Without a Vote

What strikes me most about this story are the voices that are used to tell it. Rebecca Moon's writing and delivery in this piece are absolutely excellent. This piece feels so real because Moon obviously has a strong connection to the men she has chosen to interview as well as wonderful, detailed recollections of her father. This would be a great piece to put in the election coverage mix.

Comment for "The Art and Craft of Blacksmithing with Lewis Meyer"

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Review of The Art and Craft of Blacksmithing with Lewis Meyer

This piece has a really nice mix of information on the art and craft of blacksmithing mixed with some excellent passages of Lewis discussing what I would call the soul of the craft. Producer Kim Sorise does an admirable job blending these elements together which doesn't always happen in these "slice of life / road less traveled" pieces. The musical choices for the piece are also top notch. Echoing acoustic guitar provides just the right tone for the piece and puts one's mind right in the shop with Lewis. Lastly, Sorise's voice is only heard on the intro and she manages to let the tape speak for itself, which I really appreciated. Great stuff. This piece deserves more airtime.

Comment for "Davy Rothbart, Found Magazine"

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Review of Davy Rothbart, Found Magazine

Great tape. I love the idea behind Found magazine and have always suspected that some very interesting people are responsible for putting it together. I was absolutely delighted when I saw this piece listed and am even more delighted now after hearing it. Davy Rothbart, as a subject, is a perfect fit for a show like TAL. This piece deserves to be aired. Oh, and I loved the "Unplugged" version of "The Booty Don't Stop" as the outro.

Comment for "Dapo Sings on Waikiki"

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Review of Dapo Sings on Waikiki

I loved this piece. The rhythms and cadences of the Naxi mountain song are absolutely hypnotic. Yes, there is no explanation and no narration, but I liked that. So often pieces are overexplained. This would be an easy choice for programming concerning cultural preservation.

Comment for "Kitty Keeps On Singing"

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Review of Kitty Keeps On Singing

This piece is a testament to the sheer will of the human spirit to overcome adversity and move ahead. Wonderful use of the family's recordings interwoven with Kitty's incredible story make this piece an easy "yes". Especially for mother's day. The writing is strong, the editing seamless. Great flow. This piece deserves airtime.

Comment for "The Zildjian Cymbal Tester"

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Review of The Zildjian Cymbal Tester

Who knew that a recording of someone performing quality control would be this much fun to listen to? This story deserves airtime.