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Nicely told

Since producing my documentary about the POW/MIA bracelets of the Vietnam War era, BRACELETS OF GRACE, these stories just resonate so strongly with me. This one was clearly one of those stories. Marvelous.

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Beautifully Told

Very nice piece, especially from these soldiers. We are losing more and more of the WWII vets and these personal stories are being lost. Thanks for keeping these alive forever.

I just finished a doc (now on PRX) about the Vietnam War era POW/MIA bracelets, so this piece was a great interest.

David Berner

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Review of Look Me in the Eyes

Wonderful piece with a perfect combination of subject-narrator and a sense of place. Just the right length, and that's important. If it were longer, there's a danger of falling into a cliche. This did not. Good work.

Comment for "Filmspotting (147): Review of "Inland Empire," interview with director Tom Tykwer, and more" (deleted)

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Review of Filmspotting, Episode 147 (deleted)

These guys are extremely listenable, smart but not pretentious, and always on top of it. I was lucky enough to have them speak to a class of mine at Columbia College Chicago about podcasting, and they were delightful.

I can hear this on a Friday night or a Saturday morning with a good cup of coffee and the Arts section of the paper.

If you are looking for a solid review show, one with smarts, this is it.