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Caption: Deborah Santana
There’s a growing awareness of solidarity among women. They refuse to be silenced. What began as a Women’s March in January 2017 has now evolved in...

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Caption: L-R: Ingrid Brostrom, Mystic, Rev. Gerald Durley
While solar panels and electric cars are typically associated with upper-class white folk, the transition to clean energy is also a civil rights is...

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Caption: A few members of Outdoor Afro Cleveland, including Smith-Woodford (holding sign), Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream
Part 3 of series -- The Great Lakes region is home to millions of people of different races and ethnicities. But diverse backgrounds – and issues ...

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Caption: Timely, in-depth, progressive analysis since 1991
This week's summary of under-reported news followed by these interviews: Trump Department of Justice Prepares to Sue Universities Over "Discriminat...

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In this episode of The Onco’Zine Brief hosts Peter Hofland, Ph.D and Sonia Portillo interview Michael A. Caligiuri, MD, the current president of th...

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A great combination is Tito Puente’s hot Latin jazz playing a Freddie Hubbard tune, format is pared down for Ray Brown and Jimmy Rowles. Mr. Brown ...


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This episode, we focus on two individuals who are working to organize support systems for communities that are directly affected or targeted by law...

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  • Length: 29:15
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We bring you a panel discussion from Facing Race, a national conference presented by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation.

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  • Length: 31:54
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We talk with Ari Berman about the Voting Rights Act, the backlash against it, and what it all means for us now. His book is Give Us The Ballot. The...

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Caption: Chico Freeman
Jazz saxophonist Chico Freeman talks about his famous father, Von Freeman, and about his experiences living in Europe. Freeman has now returned to ...

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  • Length: 30:00
Caption: Tommie Shelby
Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Dr. Tommie Shelby, department of philosophy at Harvard University, the Caldwell Titcomb Professor of Africa...

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Neckties records & drums are side effects of jazz radio & blues music collecting, take if from one who knows. This segment begins with a great litt...

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How do you do, we have over 40 years associated with jazz radio here in the desert southwest. In hour one of this week's national broadcast, guest ...

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Caption: These are the six components of the Anti Poverty Initiative. Each component is designed to help people in the community more efficiently by targeting their specific needs.
This is a story about how leaders of charities and organizations that help people in poverty, are joining together to help lower poverty. A couple ...

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Binary bop begins the journey of spins and needles, drummer Stockton Helbing sounds pristine alongside veterans Benny Carter and Dizzy Gillespie. D...

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Straight ahead sounds start right out of the gate, the great Sarah Vaughan makes a timely statement. Roland Kirk flute goes well in the dead of ju...

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Caption: Food at Delicious Southern Cuisine, Los Angeles, CA. , Credit: Photo by Lena Nozizwe, copyright 2015.
Black-eyed peas and collards. Fried chicken and peach cobbler. Customers at Delicious Southern Cuisine in Los Angeles come for these soul food sta...

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The Spirit prevails for guitarist Mark Whitfield and the inimitable John Coltrane. Vintage big band and small group sounds swing with Bill Holman a...

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Blues and swing precede post bop for openers, Howlin' Wolf, Ike Turner, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock. Bop then and now, the Bird and Germany's ja...

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A brief but sufficient alto sax solo by Charlie Bird Parker then the next generation of boppers Dexter Gordon. From the Moonlight in Vermont and S...

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Caption: Willie Colon
We'll hear Latin soul from Joe Bataan, Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon, Peruvian funk from Black Sugar, and a super-soulful Stevie Wonder cover from ...

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Caption: Book cover, Credit: Lyon Press
One Sunday afternoon in August 1965, on a day when baseball’s most storied rivals, the Giants and Dodgers, vied for the pennant, the national pasti...

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Caption: Dancers at Dance Mission Theater, Credit: Thomas Levy
Some people who take dance classes regularly have a saying: “Dance is my church.” Dancer Stella Adelman says just that about going to Afro-Cuban f...

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Contemporary and bluesy attitudes stand up well to good old funky Crusaders music. Dave Brubeck hosts Michael Brecker as Bill Evans to Stan Getz. F...

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Caption: RadioActive reporters Antonia Dorn and Kadian Vanloo
There’s no such thing as a normal you. Do you talk to your boss the same way you talk to your dog? Probably not. This is called code switching.

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  • Length: 14:57