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WMFO broadcasts from the Medford campus of Tufts University. Our "City of License" (with the FCC) is Medford, Massachusetts. Our signal is on 91.5 MHz on the FM band, and our coverage area is bordered by Melrose to the north, Allston & Back Bay to the south, Watertown to the west and out over the Atlantic Ocean to the east. (See coverage maps) Originally WMFO was a 10 watt "Class D" (refers to the FCC license) station but in 1979 the FCC discontinued "Class D" licenses so a power upgrade to a 125-watt "Class A" license was applied for and granted.

WMFO is staffed by a mix of Tufts students and local community volunteers. Students manage the station, with the assistance of a faculty advisor and appointed volunteers. We broadcast 7 days a week, 365 days a year (barring local weather emergencies -- we do get the occasional blizzard here!)


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