KUMM Radio

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  • Call Letters: KUMM
  • Frequency: 89.7
  • Networks: AMPERS

KUMM’s roots can be traced to a student radio club, which produced a weekly program on KMRS in the late 60s. KUMM itself went on the air from Pine Hall in September of 1972 with a mighty ten-watt output. Our broadcasting power has been licensed to increase to 500 watts. The combination of better placement and increased signal strength ensures that KUMM’s frequency reaches all locations within Morris and in a 15-mile radius beyond the city limits to outlying towns such as Cyrus and Starbuck.

KUMM is an alternative format station. Alternative in this case refers less to the specific genre than to an alternative to the music and limited variety of programming provided by commercial radio. All of the music played on KUMM is hand-picked by student and community DJs. In the interest of diversity of programming, we give DJs considerable freedom in the music that they choose to air on their shows.


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