Lost & Found

Series produced by Original Media

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The best music you've never heard from the world's largest lost music archive.

Lost & Found is a one-hour, weekly program showcasing "the best music you've never heard" curated and hosted by British music historian, TV producer and best-selling author, Luke Crampton, who is a voting member for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Each week Professor Luke selects and discusses superior songs across all contemporary genres and eras which, despite their inherent A+ quality, somehow failed to crack the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lost & Found is all about the joy of music discovery playing exquisite lost diamonds from both established well-known acts alongside equally sublime overlooked gems by obscure or lesser-known artists. A popular feature, each week Professor Luke also selects a new contender for "The Saddest Lost Song of All Time".

“Lost & Found” is available for licensing to public radio stations on PRX.org.