A Cook's Notebook

Series produced by Ali Berlow

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Reflections of food and cooking in our kitchens and in our lives

Cook's Notebook tells stories - 1st person, fictional and news related - about food and life. It's not about reading a recipe or explaining a cooking technique, yet there's always a nugget of information for the listener. And they'll never hear the words 'yummy' or 'delicious' to describe food.

Segments are broadcast weekly on WCAI & WNAN during ME, D2D and WESAT and run about three minutes, not including host intros/outros.

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64 Pieces

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  • Added: Sep 08, 2003
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Two men walk into your kitchen to cook paella - what are you going to say - No?

Bought by WAMC Northeast Public Radio and Jennifer Cecil Moore

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A meditation in cooking soup in the night kitchen.

Bought by KUOW, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, and Jennifer Cecil Moore

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