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"Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was" 25th Anniversary Edition (Six-Hour Series) (Series)

Produced by PRX

Most recent piece in this series:

Bonus Minis

From PRX | Part of the "Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was" 25th Anniversary Edition (Six-Hour Series) series | 15:37

Bonus Minis

Blackradio_25thann_logo-03_small These are three shorter segments of different lengths that focus on early innovation in Black public media. These segments can be aired separately; they can also standalone to promote the series.

The Big Read (Series)

Produced by National Endowment for the Arts

Most recent piece in this series:

Elizabeth James-Perry (Wampanoag- Aquinnah)--Making Art Through Native Lifeways

From National Endowment for the Arts | Part of the The Big Read series | 29:00

Elizabeth_james-perry_photo_courtesy_of_elizabeth_james-perry_p_rx_small Wampum & Fiber Artist and 2023 National Heritage Fellow Elizabeth James-Perry (Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head, Aquinnah) is a brilliant artist, marine biologist, and advocate for cultural preservation, Native lifeways, and environmental stewardship. In this podcast, James-Perry talks about the intersection of art and science and explains how these two passions inform her work.  She discusses the vital role of the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeast and its significance to tribal communities, the long history of fiber arts in tribal communities and her efforts to recover and preserve these traditional practices, the importance of sourcing natural materials sustainably, her experiences in reviving natural dyes for her artistic projects, and the connection between traditional arts and ecological knowledge.  We also discuss the significance of her project, “Raven Reshapes Boston”, a Native Corn Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts, which aimed to reclaim Native American culture and environmental values as well as  her passion for teaching and mentoring. She also reflects on the significance of her receiving the National Heritage Award for Indigenous arts in the Northeast, raising their visibility and sustainability. . Let us know what you think about Art Works—email us at artworkspod@arts.gov.