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No Small Endeavor (Series)

Produced by No Small Endeavor

Most recent piece in this series:

NSEB 000 050224: Eugene Cho and Karen Korematsu: Asian American History is American History (Best of NSE), 5/2/2024

From No Small Endeavor | Part of the No Small Endeavor series | 54:01


What is it like to be an Asian American?

In light of the beginning of AAPI month, we present a re-airing of our episode from 2021 with Karen Korematsu and Eugene Cho, two Asian-Americans with unique stories of grief and hope.

Karen Korematsu tells the story of her father Fred Korematsu, a famed Japanese-American civil rights activist who refused Franklin Roosevelt’s executive order to report to what FDR himself called “a concentration camp” on American soil shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Eugene Cho discusses his experiences as a Korean-born American immigrant, and how we might learn to love our neighbors in the face of political polarization and racial discrimination.