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Playlist: Duplicate Station's Portfolio

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Jazz with David Basse (Series)

Produced by Jazz with David Basse, LLC.

Most recent piece in this series:

2399.3: Jazz with David Basse 2399.3, 6/21/2024 2:00 AM

From Jazz with David Basse, LLC. | Part of the Jazz with David Basse series | 01:00:00

Thumbnail_2021_small 15 hours a week.

Searching For The First Rock And Roll Song (Series)

Produced by Jamie Dell'Apa

Most recent piece in this series:

240623 Swamp Pop

From Jamie Dell'Apa | Part of the Searching For The First Rock And Roll Song series | 03:58:00

Billy_riley_band_two_small Of the many regional musics of rural south louisiana, swamp pop was most successful in reaching audiences outside of South Louisiana. It's rock and roll with the sharp corners turned mushy by the excessive humidity of our swamps.

Malka Russell's Debut EP: Hey Child

From PJ Ewing | Part of the Lester the Nightfly series | 59:42

All the way from Jerusalem, Malka Russell makes her worldwide debut of her first EP on Lester the Nightfly. And she shares some other lovely R&B music from musicians who inspired her, too. Great fun!

Malka-russell-ltnf_small Malka delivers three marvelous, soulful original works. And she shares the music of the likes of Trevor Hall, Alicia Keys, H.E.R. and even Aretha Franklin, artists who inspired her to start her own career.

We get the pleasure of hearing a new artist begin her journey toward a glorious career as a singer/songwriter. Born in the USA, now in Jerusalem, Malka is a gifted musical talent soon to emerge on the world's stage.