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Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

Most recent piece in this series:

Living Planet 04/12/24

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW series | 30:00


Bushmeat bandits: The hidden threat to health and wildlife.

By Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt / narrated by Neil King

Making Contact (Series)

Produced by Making Contact

Most recent piece in this series:

America's Black Capital

From Making Contact | Part of the Making Contact series | 29:00


“America's Black Capital: How African Americans Remade Atlanta in the Shadow of the Confederacy” chronicles how a center of Black excellence emerged amid virulent expressions of white nationalism as African Americans pushed back against Confederate ideology to create an extraordinary locus of achievement.  

Alongside author Dr. Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar, in this episode we examine the methods in which Black Atlanteans pushed for social, economic, and political upliftment through the development of Black collegiate systems, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.  

Learn more about the story and find the transcript on radioproject.org. [https://www.radioproject.org/2024/04/americas-black-capital]

Making Contact [https://radioproject.org/] is an award-winning, nationally syndicated radio show and podcast featuring narrative storytelling and thought-provoking interviews. We cover the most urgent issues of our time and the people on the ground building a more just world.

Food Sleuth Radio (Series)

Produced by Dan Hemmelgarn

Most recent piece in this series:

Cynthia Curl, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Environmental Health & Safety, Boise State University discusses women’s exposure to agricultural chemicals and benefits of organic food.

From Dan Hemmelgarn | Part of the Food Sleuth Radio series | 28:00

Food_sleuth_on_kopn_small Did you know that prenatal exposure to glyphosate has been associated with shorter gestational time in utero, decreased fetal growth and preterm birth?  Join Food Sleuth Radio host and Registered Dietitian, Melinda Hemmelgarn, for her interview with Cynthia Curl, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Co-Director, Center for Excellence in Environmental Health & Safety, at Boise State University. Curl founded and directs the  Agricultural Health Lab where her research focuses on the intersection between agriculture and human health. Curl discusses her recent research on pesticide exposure during pregnancy, and the impact of consuming organic vs. conventional diets.