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Juke In The Back With Matt The Cat (Series)

Produced by Matt "The Cat" Baldassarri

Most recent piece in this series:

Episode #458 - Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams

From Matt "The Cat" Baldassarri | Part of the Juke In The Back With Matt The Cat series | 59:01

Jitbtitlemedium_small Paul "Hucklebuck" WilliamsPaul "Hucklebuck" Williams 

This week, "Juke In The Back" presents one of the architects of the "honkin'" sax, Paul Williams. Many people associate that "honkin'" sax sound with West Coast Jump Blues, but it actually originated in 1947 with Paul Williams in Detroit. Savoy Records dug Williams' style as it was very different than their other sax great at the time, Charlie Parker. Williams' Sextette released some moderately successful instrumentals early on, before they hit paydirt with "The Huckle-Buck" in 1949. It was at a show in late 1948 that Williams and his group played a slowed down version of Parker's "Now's The Time" and saw the kids going crazy doing a new dance called The Hucklebuck. He knew he was on to something and rushed into the studio to cut "The Huckle-Buck." The record sparked a national dance craze and hit #1 on the R&B chart, where it remained for 14 week. "The Huckle-Buck" was the best selling record of 1949. From then on out, Paul Williams was known as Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams and the rest is history. Matt The Cat digs deep into Williams' catalog for a plethora of killer R&B jump tunes that deserve more exposure on this week's "Juke In The Back."

Song Travels with Michael Feinstein News Friendly Version (Series)

Produced by South Carolina ETV Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

Diane Schuur

From South Carolina ETV Radio | Part of the Song Travels with Michael Feinstein News Friendly Version series | 53:00

Songtravelslogo_small Blessed with perfect pitch and a resonant voice, vocalist and pianist Diane Schuur received her training at the Washington State School for the Blind. Today Schuur is a two-time Grammy winner and has performed at Carnegie Hall and the White House. Her album Diane Schuur and the Count Basie Orchestra spent 33 weeks at Number One on the Billboard jazz charts. On this week's Song Travels she swings on a few favorite tunes including "I Get Along Without You Very Well" and "The Very Thought of You."