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Playlist: Suzie Devoe's Portfolio

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Female #5 Francis Ellen Watkins Harper

From Suzie Devoe | Part of the THIRTY WOMEN WORTH KNOWING series | 04:03

The fifth historical snippet in the series, "Thirty Women Worth Knowing" a Women's History Month series. Narrated by Suzie Devoe

Grandmoma_small The series "THIRTY WOMEN WORTH KNOWING" is a PARKER DEVOE PRODUCTION created for Women's History Month. Thirty Women representing the 30 days in March, Women's History Month. The series presents short biographies of brave and interesting women beginning with the early 1800's and the Women's Movement and moving forward through history. 
The pieces are: Intro and Lucy Stone. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. #3 Sarah Rosetta Wakeman. #4 Amelia Bloomer. #5 Francis Ellen Watkins Harper. 

Female #6 Mary Edwards Walker

From Suzie Devoe | Part of the THIRTY WOMEN WORTH KNOWING series | 03:24

The sixth woman in the Parker Devoe Production series of "Thirty Women Worth Knowing". Introducing a short history of Mary Edwards Walker...

Grandmoma_small Parker Devoe Productions series titled " Thirty Women Worth Knowing" introduces the 6th Female in a piece about Mary Edwards Walker one of the first women to recieve a medical degree. The series presents a 3-5 minute historical snippet of an interesting and brave women highlighting Women's History Month. 
Narration by Suzie Devoe.
The series includes a snippet of Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, Amelia Bloomer, Francis Ellen Watkins Harper, Mary Edwards Walker and more.