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What in the World Is a Localvore (Series)

Produced by Hilary Niles

Most recent piece in this series:

"What in the World Is a Localvore?" Part 6: Fellow Challengees

From Hilary Niles | Part of the What in the World Is a Localvore series | 04:59

Default-piece-image-0 This week, I sat down to compare notes with two fellow challenge takers, and gained solace from our common woes and inspiration from their successes. "What in the world Is a localvore?" It sounds like a person who eats local food, but what does that mean? How local, how hard is it to be one, and is it worth the effort? Amid the growing buzz of localism, these answers are what I have set out to learn. This fall, I'm taking the Eat Local Challenge, for which I have pledged, for the month of September, to eat only food that grows or is raised within a 100-mile radius of my home. This series of five-minute pieces, produced weekly (available by midnight every Thursday), is an account of my adventures, learning curve and discovery of community as I prepare for and engage in the Eat Local Challenge (www.seacoasteatlocal.org). Let your listeners tune into "What in the World Is a Localvore?" and that is exactly what they will find out.

DimeStories (Series)

Produced by Amy Wallen

Most recent piece in this series:

"Tommy" read by author Kelly Ruth Winter

From Amy Wallen | Part of the DimeStories series | 04:33

Tommy_small A five-year-old girl falls in love with Tommy, a boy her mother babysits.  Over the years we see them grow up in the same environment but taking very different paths.