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Compiled By: Rose Weiss

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Travelers In The Night (Series)

Produced by Albert Grauer

Most recent piece in this series:

808-Global Auroras on Mars

From Albert Grauer | Part of the Travelers In The Night series | 02:00

808-maven-mars-auroras_small Please see the trasnscript.

Groks Science Radio Show (Series)

Produced by Charles Lee

Most recent piece in this series:

Far UVC -- Groks Science Show 2024-07-24

From Charles Lee | Part of the Groks Science Radio Show series | 28:30

Grokscience_small John Rajchert discussed the development of Far UVC technology.

Climate Connections (Series)

Produced by ChavoBart Digital Media

Most recent piece in this series:

Climate Connections July 8 - August 2, 2024

From ChavoBart Digital Media | Part of the Climate Connections series | 30:00


This month on Climate Connections:

Air Date -Title:

Mon., 7/8-Low-income residents buy into solar project at Minneapolis school: A solar garden at North High School provides electricity to the school, the city, and residential subscribers.  

Tue., 7/9-Seattle summers are no longer reliably mild: Many locals don’t have AC, so heat waves can be deadly. 

Wed., 7/10-Eelgrass makes a comeback along the Virginia coast: These spindly plants provide vital habitat for marine life, reduce coastal erosion, and absorb carbon pollution.                                                              

Thu., 7/11-San Diego neighborhood wins protections from new industrial development: Residents of Barrio Logan have been fighting for cleaner air for decades.

Fri., 7/12-Got climate anxiety? Taking action can be the right medicine. “Being part of the solution is psychologically empowering,” says therapist Leslie Davenport.   

Mon., 7/15-The climate benefits of mangroves: Their roots and branches help break up waves and reduce flooding in coastal communities.

Tue., 7/16-Beavers can help reduce damage caused by wildfires: The animals create wetlands that can reduce drying and burning.     

Wed., 7/17-The promise and potential pitfalls of locking carbon in soil: Farmers can help store planet-warming pollution in the ground. But some measures of the benefits may provide misleading results, a researcher says.

Thu., 7/18-From flood zones to green zones: In Charlotte, North Carolina, flood-prone apartments were converted into a wetland habitat that now helps protect the community from flooding.

Fri., 7/19-How camping skills can help prepare you for weather disasters: Many skills used while camping can help you stay safe during emergencies.     

Mon., 7/22-Researchers test whether peanuts and cotton could grow in a warmer Midwest: The crops have historically grown farther South.

Tue., 7/23-Tucson, Arizona, bets on buses: With free rides and bus stop improvements, the city hopes to turn out more ridership and reduce traffic pollution.

Wed., 7/24-Bridge helps Alaska town cope with climate change: During winter, residents used to leave town by driving their snowmobiles or ATVs across a frozen lake. But warming temperatures left the lake ice less dependable.

Thu., 7/25-Upstate New York development features fossil-fuel-free homes: Ultra-efficient houses in the Catskill Project are powered by solar panels.

Fri., 7/26-How to protect your pets during a heat wave: On hot days, keep dogs and cats in cooler areas with air conditioning or shade — and watch them for signs of distress.    

Mon., 7/29-Your medications may increase your risk of heat-related illnesses: Certain meds can cause dehydration or impede the body’s ability to sweat.         

Tue., 7/30-An Alaskan community’s slow and costly move to higher ground: Melting permafrost and extreme erosion are forcing Newtok residents to relocate. It’s a long, difficult process.

Wed., 7/31-Long-term whitebark pine restoration project aims to save the trees for future generations: The Western species has been hard-hit by wildfires, mountain pine beetles, and blister rust. 

Thu., 8/1-Advances in oil and gas drilling technology could boost geothermal energy: The same tech used in the oil and gas shale boom could help reduce the cost of drilling for clean, renewable geothermal.    

Fri., 8/2 -Why you need a go bag: And a few things that should go in it.