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Playlist: Early Music

Compiled By: Don Maue


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Harmonia Early Music: Specials (Series)

Produced by WFIU

Most recent piece in this series:

Trobairitz: The Women Troubadours

From WFIU | Part of the Harmonia Early Music: Specials series | 59:02

996-azalais_de_porcairagues2_prx_small Troubadours have been romanticized and re-imagined in popular culture for centuries now, but rarely does that evocative re-imagination include the many women among these elite poet-musicians of medieval Southern France. This hour on Harmonia, the music of the women troubadours, known as “trobairitz.”

Holiday Light: Singing Angels, Silver Bells

From William Zukof | 58:23

The Western Wind's Christmas Special, narrated by Roma Downey

Hl1_small Holiday Light is a wonderfully diverse collection of holiday music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the present sung by The Western Wind one of America's preeminent vocal ensembles. The music is a delightful mix of familiar and historical songs and carols, including "Angelus ad Virginem," a popular carol from the thirteenth century; Spanish Renaissance motets and villancicos by Victoria, Guerrero, and Fernandes; early American music by William Billings; Appalachian folk songs and spirituals; and contemporary English and American carols. Featured are unique arrangements of the popular Christmas songs "Silver Bells," "Angels We Have Heard on High," and "Christmas Time is Here," created especially for the Western Wind. Guest host, Roma Downey, weaves together the music with a narrative that is informative, witty, fresh and moving. Ms. Downey became a household word through her portrayal of the angel Monica in the hit CBS television series Touched by An Angel. The narration was written by Reverend K Karpen, the spiritual leader of the Church of Saint Paul and Saint Andrew on the upper West Side of Manhattan, a well-known center of social activism. Karpen takes a relevant and charming approach to the themes and stories of Christmas that makes the events seem like they happened just yesterday.