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The Heights, The Depths and Everything in Between

From Tanya Ott | 06:59

Growing up is never easy ... but some of us make light of things like junior high angst by writing books based on our experience. This is author Sally Nemeth's tale.

Nemeth_small Many of us travel home for the holidays. And no matter how old we are, that trip can bring back memories of childhood. We are, it seems, inexorably linked to those few years of our lives that shape our perceptions about ourselves, our families and our communities. Author Sally Nemeth (NEE-mith) did a lot of reflecting about childhood and home, friends and family for her latest book The Heights, The Depths and Everything In Between. It's the coming-of-age tale of Lucy Small and the angst of junior high. Nemeth talks with reporter Tanya Ott (TAWN-yuh AWT). NOTE: This intro can be re-written to take out holiday reference... for use during all parts of the year. The interview is evergreen.