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Playlist: Portfolio

Compiled By: Tom Niemisto


These are pieces I feel represent my style and content throughout my radio work.

Stellar Guidance

From Tom Niemisto | 14:56

Astronomy, navigation, and self-search

Astro-detail2_small Celestial bodies are a curious mystery to gaze up at on a summer night.  Human cultures have a long history of creating stories and myths about the shapes stars seem to take on. Stars also have served a practical purpose for navigators on ocean bound vessels.  With the help of a sextant and nautical chart it is possible to deduce a precise location without the help of GPS devices.  We hear from Captain Samantha Heyman who has used celestial navigation on cross-ocean voyages for years and found the stars to be loyal companions on an often inhospitable ocean.  

Sweet Science

From Tom Niemisto | 06:57

A new boxing clinic focuses on both physical fitness and philosophical growth.

4411604363_a56af7b0d2_small A new class run by the local YMCA in Northfield, MN, trains high school students in the basics of boxing. While the sport can be physically demanding and useful for self-defense, the head coach, who has boxed and coached for decades, thinks boxing has a direct connection to philosophical inquiry.  Dr. Gordon Marino both coaches the teens and is a philosophy professor at St. Olaf College, and a scholar of the existentialist writings of Soren Kierkegaard.  This radio piece takes us to a gym training session and an intimate interview with Dr. Marino explaining his take on the connection of boxing and philosophy.

Hudson River Gybe of Silence

From Clearwater Moment | 01:46

Sailing maneuver during the moment of Silence

P4120110_small The moment of silence on the Clearwater is a chance for students to use their senses to oberve the world without normal distractions.  Sometimes, the sloop makes a dramatic sailing maneuver called a Hudson River Gybe.

Biodiesel aboard the Clearwater

From Tom Niemisto | 01:45

Using sustainable fuels aboard the Sloop Clearwater

090519devilandthedeepbluesea_small In yet another effor to promote sustainability, Clearwater uses a biodiesel blend in the Sloop motor on board.  Clearwater crewmember and engineer Erik Fyfe explains the biodiesel and its importance for sustainable resources.

Eco Art

From Clearwater Moment | 01:45

Art that serves communities and the environment

Eco Art
Clearwater Moment

081219ecoart_small The arts have many incredible ways of synthesizing our cultural world. We can't help but be brought together to reexamine our position in society and history.

New artistic trends run parallel to new cultural trends. As we evaluate our relationships to the environment, Eco Art helps to improve an ecosystem while expressing an aesthetic statement.

Eco Art is many things - but in the end, it allows us to look at the dynamics of nature in a new way and expose concepts like pollution we hadn't yet considered.

On the River

From Clearwater Moment | 01:48

Venturing out on the river gives a much needed perspective of the environment


Perspective is everything. You may travel near the river twice a day, but to truly experience the grandeur and history of the place there is no substitute for being on the river in a boat. Though the shoreline is different now, you are sharing a timeless perspective with past and future river inhabitants.

A sense of place is created through words, images, and music; but direct experience is essential to true appreciation.  Remember, it's your river!

Humans in the Wild

From Tom Niemisto | 01:46

Looking at human health from an anthropological perspective

081230naturedeficitdisorder_small In part of a series on Nature Deficit Disorder, we talked to Dr. David Fenner, a pediatrician based in the Hudson Valley, on his thoughts on human activity in nature and the way in which it is build into our physiology.