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Playlist: Radio For Young People

Compiled By: PRX Editors

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Curated Playlist

PRX has lots of radio for kids, from music to science and back again. Listen! License! Love it!

Across the Ocean - the first Transatlantic Radio for kids (Series)

Produced by Radijojo World Children's Radio Network

For the first time in media history, kids from Europe and America have their own intercontinental radio and web channel now: "Across the Ocean".

Made by kids for kids on both sides of the Atlantic. Educative, participative, entertaining. From the grassroots, free of commercials. All age groups: from 3 to 20 years. All topics for kids. All year round - every year. And: Every public or community radio station, every school, every youth initative can actively join the Transatlantic Radio Bridge! Check out: www.across-the-ocean.org.

You can also check pieces on www.across-the-ocean.org and mail us your preferences for upcoming productions!

Most recent piece in this series:

A day in the Life: Kids in America and Europe fight for the environment

From Radijojo World Children's Radio Network | Part of the Across the Ocean - the first Transatlantic Radio for kids series | 09:32

Transatlantic_poster_klein_small * Youth from Illinois and Berlin talk about ideas how to prevent climate change via internet!
* Fourthgrade Kids with learning disabilities from Berlin present their rap about waiste reduction!
* Kids from Berlin present a magic circus where they learn how to save our Earth on a daily basis!

The Beams! Radio Fiction for Kids

From Space Radio Productions LLC | 31:25

The first episode of a kids' "spacecast" focused on the wacky, outer space adventures of the fictional Beams family!

Beamssrmpro_small The Beams Are On! Welcome to the galaxy's first "spacecast" broadcast live from a Super Satellite 750 million miles from Earth! The Beams! is a radio show co-hosted by 10-year-old Brenna Beam and her 8-year-old brother, Baxter. The Beam kids discover a way to transmit to Earth while their genius scientist parents work on top secret projects. And that's where the adventures begin... Produced with professional actors and high-quality sound effects, The Beams! "fills the space between kids' ears" with fun and imagination not heard since the radio dramas of the mid-twentieth century. In the 30-minute pilot episode of the The Beams!, Earthlings aged 6-12 will meet Brenna and Baxter, their lovable robot, Comet, and a cast of wacky outer space characters that includes a saucy cook named Doreen, everyone's favorite house band, The Rock-Its, and the evil (and perhaps misunderstood) satellite patroller, Mudge. The pilot episode has six chapters ranging in length from 2-9 minutes long. Fans of the show can visit our web site at TheBeamsAreOn.com to get bonus audio material, download Comet's "Trade-a-Joke" cards, and even send email to Brenna and Baxter. For more information on The Beams!, please contact Jenny Mirken, Executive Producer, Space Radio Productions LLC, at 617-460-1906 or jmirken@hotmail.com.