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Digital Distributor


HowSound is a PRX podcast produced by Rob Rosenthal about all aspects of radio storytelling
HowSound highlights work of independent producers, podcasters and network producers whose work demonstrates skillful, problematic, challenging and creative issues in radio production. If you are a radio geek who is obsessed by production this is the podcast for you!
HowSound also takes specific aim at explaining the quality of the works and why they were selected for the podcast. The podcasts are made available directly to listeners as free streams on PRX and downloadable MP3s on iTunes and other podcast directories.


If your piece is purchased by HowSound, you will receive royalties in the form of:
$75.00 flat fee


Pieces and programs will be used in the HowSound podcast are available to listeners as free streams on PRX and as downloadable MP3 on iTunes and other podcast directories. Some of the podcasts appear on PRX Remix, a service that airs on stations, as a free stream and on XM channel 123 (http://prx.mx).

PRX reserves the right to use the HowSound podcast for promotional purposes.