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Y-Press was a nonprofit youth-media organization that stresses youth development and leadership skills. It was a youth-driven organization that gave children and teens a voice in the world through journalism. Members built communication skills by producing stories with a youth perspective. Founded in 1991, Y-Press closed its doors in late 2012. 

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Y-Press reporters talk with minority youth about their perceptions and relationships with police. The reporters also talk with local police to hear what they have to say as well. Y-Press is a youth media organization based in Indianapolis.

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  • Updated: Jul 28, 2009
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4 Pieces

In this series, four Y-Press journalists explore how the current economy has affected youth. While many stories have been done about adults and the economy, few mentioned teens. However, teens not only spend money, they make it.

  • From: Y-Press
  • Updated: Nov 27, 2009


Caption: Joe Rospars, Chief Digital Strategist for Obama for America, at left
What impact will social media have on this election? To find out, Y-Press journalist Isaiah Treadwell visited the Digital Campaign and Social Media...

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At the RNC, Y-Press’ Hrishi Deshpande spoke with AJ Feeney-Ruiz. A young Puerto-Rican American, Feeney-Ruiz is a Republican candidate for the India...

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Caption: Sam, 2012, Credit: Keenen Brannon, Y-Press
Last month In Florida, 17-year-old Thorin Montgomery and three friends were playing Russian Roulette with a .38 caliber revolver on his back porch....

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Caption: Project Appleseed students take aim.  Instructor Kate Bixler is in yellow at right., Credit: Peter Shirley, Y-Press
Indiana youth can attend a 4-H shooting sports program or a conservation camp with the Department of Natural Resources to learn gun safety and how ...

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Caption: Bekie Stergar with the her kill. Brown County, Indiana, 2011. Gun pictured is a 22 caliber rifle. , Credit: submitted photo
For teens, hunting can be a right of passage and a way to bond with family members. Allison Albrecht, 13, speaks with two teen hunters from Central...

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Caption: Dillon Paul with Smith & Wesson semi-automatic shotgun, Credit: submitted photo
While news stories about youth and guns usually involve death or injury, some Hoosiers believe that when young people learn to use firearms safely...

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Caption: Juard Barnes, counselor at Prescription for Hope and YVRT programs, Wishard Hospital, Credit: Y-Press
The emergency room at Indianapolis' Wishard Hospital sees its fair share of gun shot victims, both teenagers and adults. Y-Press visited Wishard to...

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The problem of gun violence among teens and young adults isn’t exclusive to Indianapolis. But it turns out that the way the city is tackling the pr...

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Caption: Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Pendleton, IN, Credit: Andy Yang and Priya Mirmira, Y-Press
Priya Mirmira, age 15, spoke with 18-year-old inmates who were serving time for gun charges. She learned about their attitudes toward guns, how the...

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Caption: Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Pendleton, IN, Credit: Andy Yang and Priya Mirmira
In a 2009 survey by the CDC, nearly 1500 Indiana high school students said they had carried a gun for at least one day during the previous 30 days....

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