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We are learning radio over here at the University of Montana School of Journalism and doing some fabulous, creative pieces we hope will air.

All of these features are produced by radio students in the Advanced Audio and Intermediate Audio classes at UM taught by former-WNYC and still-sometimes-independent producer Jule Gardner Banville.


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20 Pieces

These nonscripted stories were edited from longer oral histories filed with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. That project, the largest of its kind, was created to record and preserve the experience of war in the words of those who served.

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10 Pieces

Advanced Audio students at the University of Montana take a darker approach to radio valentines.

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2 Pieces

A podcast produced by Jule Banville's advanced audio students at the University of Montana School of Journalism. Road stories about being human.

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15 Pieces

A reporting project by the University of Montana School of Journalism exploring what happens with families, the criminal justice system, addicts, counselors and others dealing with a surging meth problem.


Caption: Predators of the Heart, a traveling wildlife exhibit and reptile show from Anacortes, Wash., displays animals from around the world to the Christian Assembly Foursquare Church in Missoula, MT., Credit: Samuel Wilson
Most know the old stories about Noah's Ark and how Eve was tempted by a snake, but now God’s creatures are uncaged and in church. Producer Ruth Edd...

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  • Length: 04:32
Caption: Just brush 'em off., Credit:
1... 2... 3... Yeah, that's still OK to eat. It's fun! It's got science! Producer Ruth Eddy's take on "the rule" deserves a listen.

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  • Length: 02:09
Caption: Culinary genius at work, Credit: Wikimedia Commons
THE food for college gets the voxpop treatment from producer Mike Powell.

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Caption: Does this guy look extinct to you?, Credit: Wik
When a species goes extinct, that’s usually the end of the story. We don’t exactly have dinosaurs or dodo birds running around these days. But some...

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Producer Mike Powell's feature is a portrait of sorts of Barrett, the service dog, and his owner, Tyler Stosich, who needs another beer.

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Caption: Deserving Kitty Cat, Credit: AniMeals Weblog
Producer Cody Blum's feature about Animeals, a no-kill cat shelter in Missoula, Montana, follows Marlo to his new home amid "biosolids" at Eko Comp...

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Caption: Huey Lewis likes bad beer., Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Producer Anna Cole's voxpop featuring stories of regulars and Huey Lewis from food service workers in Missoula, Montana.

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Producer Taylor Romack's voxpop on favorite childhood foods. Filed as part of the Advanced Audio class at the University of Montana.

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Caption: Students at the Second Nature School of Taxidermy, Credit: Bill Dishman
Who signs up to spend five weeks with dead critters during a Montana Winter? Producer Jessica Murri answers that question from the Second Nature Sc...

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