The Stompin' Dragons

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The Stompin' Dragons is a brand new group of diverse students at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD. We're HCC’s "Writing for Radio and Multimedia" class and we are being trained in radio production, Adobe Audition, writing and voicing for radio, and the ins and outs of radio etiquette. We strive for excellence and to have everything we write and produce stream on HCC Radio The Dragon, Howard Community College’s internet radio station.

In writing our This I Believe essays, we have gone out of our comfort zones, writing about things we normally wouldn’t. We’ve used spoken word poetry, rap, and honesty to express our beliefs about love, family, being ourselves, and overcoming challenges. In our class of eight people, no two people have the same talent. We expect ourselves to be excellent writers with powerful voices and impressive creativity, and we always take the time to edit one another’s work. We recognize each other’s talents and challenge our weaknesses.

We are proud to be the belly of the The Dragon and we value our audience. The Stompin’ Dragons want to hear your beliefs as we share ours. Bring your best because we will do the same. Take a seat, be inspired, watch and listen to us as we write to take on the world.