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Caption: Nancy Pelosi
We continue our political journey towards Impeachment with Donald Trump, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Mick Mulvaney, Peter Welch, William Taylor, Ge...

  • Added: Nov 19, 2019
  • Length: 58:12
Caption: Rudy Giuliani , Credit: The Scream
History Repeats as our country once again brings Impeachment charges against the President- we revisit earlier trials and listen to climate activis...

  • Added: Oct 02, 2019
  • Length: 01:58:02
Piece image
A retrospective of another troubling year featuring the marches, the elections, the shootings, bombings and all the fake news, mixed with the music...

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  • Added: Dec 21, 2018
  • Length: 59:49
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Caption: Ted Nash
With Presidential Suite,Ted Nash transforms iconic political speeches into an inventive jazz composition.

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  • Added: Nov 08, 2016
  • Length: 29:59
  • Purchases: 2
Caption: Kris Halpin In The Studio, Credit: Robin Valk
Imagine electronic music onstage without being welded to a keyboard. Imagine if a gesture could trigger a string section, a melody, a drum riff. No...

  • Added: Oct 16, 2015
  • Length: 58:55
Caption: Laila & Aleks at a house show in May, 2013
This is a story of a white immigrant troublemaker from Eastern Europe, a black revolutionary musician from New York and how one of them saves the o...

  • Added: Sep 01, 2015
  • Length: 13:56
Caption: John Roderick
John Roderick is the singer and frontman of the band "The Long Winters" and a candidate for Seattle City Council (Position 8). He talks with hosts ...

  • Added: Jul 24, 2015
  • Length: 39:14
Caption: Rahim AlHaj, Credit: Dan Merlo
Rahim AlHaj is quite simply one of the best oud players in the world. In this broadcast, Rahim performs and shares his story of leaving Iraq and c...

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  • Added: Jun 12, 2015
  • Length: 28:30
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Piece image
For forty years, Chunky Sanchez has playing and singing the stories of the Chicano people.

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  • Added: Oct 03, 2014
  • Length: 28:29
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Piece image
The second pilot episode for the new show, Middle Ground, which focuses on news, politics and culture from middle America.

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  • Added: Oct 08, 2013
  • Length: 56:30
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Caption: Collection 4 - Woodstock, Credit: Masaki Koike
Howard Smith's interview with Joe Cocker, Nov. 21st, 1969. Riding on his new success from Woodstock, Cocker and his band return to the US for a qui...

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  • Added: Sep 09, 2013
  • Length: 03:38
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Caption: Nemanja Kojic (Hornsman Coyote), Credit: Constance A. Dunn
Interview with Serbian musician Nemanja Kojic (Hornsman Coyote) by Constance A. Dunn. Interview from Coyote's living room in Belgrade.

  • Added: Jul 03, 2013
  • Length: 44:12
Caption: Richard Nixon, Sonny West, Jerry Schilling and Elvis Presley, Credit: Photo courtesy of Jerry Schilling
The story of Elvis Presley's visit to the Nixon White House in 1970, told by a man who was there, Elvis' confidante Jerry Schilling.

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  • Added: Feb 21, 2013
  • Length: 16:15
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Caption: PRX default Piece image
Hurricane Sandy's impact on the landscape and political landscape in the runup to election day...told through narration, music and soundbites. This...

  • Added: Nov 01, 2012
  • Length: 57:04
Piece image
"The 47% Mix" with Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Ethel Waters, Ry Cooder, Menomena, The Mills Brothers, Bing Crosby, Alan Price, a...

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  • Added: Sep 26, 2012
  • Length: 19:31
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Caption: PRX default Piece image
A selective survey of how protest songs have changed from anthems to personal statements...told thru narration, music and soundbites..from Paul Fis...

  • Added: May 10, 2012
  • Length: 57:59
Caption: Music for Occupy, Credit: Matt Pless
Jennie Arnau - Better Luck Next Time from Occupy This Album

  • Added: Apr 26, 2012
  • Length: 04:06
Piece image
Al Perry, Tucson country singer, is running for president. His middle name is Richard, so he registered himself as Al "Dick" Perry on the Arizona R...

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  • Added: Feb 09, 2012
  • Length: 07:46
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Piece image
Historian Vazira Zamindar talks about the "wound of partition" in today's Pakistan. Then, we meet three young composers - Cynthia Lee Wong, Jacob B...

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  • Added: Feb 24, 2011
  • Length: 58:59
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Caption: PRX default Piece image
Tired of the usual pundits? This program provides a unique "take" on The State of the Union events--the seating, the speech by the President and th...

  • Added: Jan 26, 2011
  • Length: 49:38
Piece image
A unique audio retrospective...A Shortcut Back through the 20th Century is an impressionistic glance back at the last one hundred years, featuring ...

  • Added: Jan 01, 2011
  • Length: 59:36
Piece image
This week we're talking with the soldier-turned-author of Washington Rules, Andrew Bacevich. Then we sit down at the piano with the jazz improv sta...

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  • Added: Sep 23, 2010
  • Length: 58:59
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Piece image
Calypso, Reggae, Rap, Soul, Asian Rap and Sound Systems in Birmingham, England, in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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  • Added: Jul 07, 2010
  • Length: 50:12
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Caption: A dancer twirls the baton with the Hungry March Band at the Honk! Festival
An in-depth look at the world and music of alternative marching bands.

  • Added: May 04, 2010
  • Length: 27:54
Piece image
Music and VoxPop blend into a hard-hitting critique of America's response to global warming

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  • Added: Aug 21, 2008
  • Length: 04:03
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